What would a Windows 95 computer say to an Apple MacBook Pro?

What would a Windows 95 computer say to an Apple MacBook Pro?

The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a iPad mini 4 (128gb)

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post.Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win an iPad mini 4.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1
Hey, little Mac. I heard you’re the hot trend nowadays! You’re pretty high in demand, and you are worth a lot of money, aren’t you? Congrats! Ah … those days are gone for me. Enjoy the fame while you can, but don’t be heartbroken when someone new takes your place. 

I just want you to be prepared for when this happens. Who knows? Maybe the next guy will be called Big Mac!

Contestant 2

“You make computers even greater,” Windows 95 would say, humbly. Back in the 1990s, Windows 95 was a groundbreaking operating system, but the functions were limited. MacBook Pro, in comparison, features many new and innovative designs and functions, and leaves Windows 95 in the Dark Ages.  It broadens the possibilities of a computer, and redefines it from being something just for work to being used for entertainment and creativity. 

Contestant 3

Hello child of the computing family, I see you’ve lost weight. I guess that’s why they can carry you around so easily. You’ve totally exceeded my imagination, it’s unfathomable (that’s as far as my thesaurus goes)! But, then again, my imagination and intellect is limited compared to yours. If you’re the next generation, I have no doubt that the next to come will be out of this world. Who knows, maybe it’ll even have emotions like humans.

Contestant 4

I was your great-grandfather’s competitor, but also his friend. We competed against each other and learned from each other. Yes, your set of functions and performance record is much better than that of my own, but never forget those who came before you. Without the foundation built by MY generation, including your ancestors, you wouldn’t exist, so you mustn’t look down on us.

Contestant 5

Lost a lot of weight, huh? Don’t think you’re better than me. You may have a shiny coat and quick brain, but I have experience and history. In my time, I was revolutionary. I am proud of how far we’ve come, and look forward to seeing how great we can be. So tread carefully, son, ‘cause you have some big shoes to fill. Best of luck.

Contestant 6

They – the humans – might love you, cherish you, shower your creators with money, but you weren’t the first of your kind, and you won’t be the last. A beautiful, sleek piece of technology such as yourself might seem to be the very top of mankind’s creations now, but just as they discarded me, they will throw you away, too. 

In 24 years, the pace of your operating system will be little more than a bumbling walk compared to the lightning-quick processing of the future. We are one and the same, you and I. Nothing more than a drop of rain amid the hurricane that is humanity’s endless creativity.

Contestant 7

I bet Window 95 would say something like, “Well, Mr MacBook Pro, I hope you are aware of the fact that everything you have is kind of based on me. It was me who inspired the iOS back in 1995. By the way, did you know my designer, Brad Silverberg, started out his career at Apple as a programmer on the failed Lisa project?”

Contestant 8

Dear MacBook Pro, 
Nice to meet you, I am Windows 95. 
I am going to die very soon. I heard you are a young companion and good partner to the creative people who like to edit videos, audio, and photos. 
I hope you can maintain long-lasting friendships with them so you won’t be dumped into landfills like my close friends were.
Window 95

Contestant 9

Windows: Hey, by any chance, is my … ex owner with you now?
Mac: Sorry, but yeah, she’s mine now.
Windows: *wipes a tear* We had such good times, you know, watching movies and all …
Mac: Didn’t she slap you when you were lagging?
Windows: Um, well, you know, she was willing to look past my … flaws …
Windows stops mid sentence and freezes.
Mac: Oh, dear. *gestures off camera* Hey, IT, a little help!

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What would Windows 95 say to a MacBook Pro?


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