Our latest Brain Game winner, Theodore Leung, of Creative Primary School wins DJI Spark Controller Combo drone!

Our latest Brain Game winner, Theodore Leung, of Creative Primary School wins DJI Spark Controller Combo drone!

Theodore defeated nine other contestants with his creative answers, and wins a DJI Spark Controller Combo drone


Well done to Theodore Leung, who won a DJI Spark Controller Combo drone.
Photo: Roy Issa/SCMP

Our congratulations go to Theodore Leung, 11, of Creative Primary School! Theodore (pictured below) won the latest round of Young Post’s Brain Game, beating nine other contestants along the way. His prize is a DJI Spark Controller Combo drone.

Want to unleash your potential and take your creativity to the next level in the new year? Want to get your work published in Hong Kong’s most popular school newspaper?

Brain Game will return in January, so don’t miss the chance to challenge yourself, win a great prize, and appear in Young Post! This time there will be 11 contestants answering an open-ended question each week on a wide range of topics. Readers can vote online for the best answer – until only the winner remains.

How would you explain Snapchat to Emperor Qin Shi Huang?

Here are Theodore's top three answers: 

Which comic character do you wish were your principal?   

I wish my principal was Superman. He has a lot of special powers and he use them to set up a sweets factory in school. That way, we could have all the sweets and chocolate we wanted. I wish my teachers had superpowers, too, because then they could "plant" knowledge inside our brains and we could play video games all day instead of studying.

Which magical item for Harry Potter do you wish were real and why?

I wish Felix Felicis, otherwise known as Liquid Luck, were real so that every time there is a competition, I could drink the potion and win. I would run for chief executive and be confident that I would win. I could also conquer all the countries in the world because I would win every war. I could do whatever I wanted, and every time there was a vote or a judicial review, my government would surely win. Then I could become the king of the world!

How would you explain Snapchat to Emperor Qin Shi Huang?

Emperor Qin Shi Huang, do you want to make yourself so popular that every single person in this world knows you? If yes, you should try Snapchat. This is something that will let you send pictures of yourself, or anything you see, to anyone in the world. You can watch people build the Great Wall of China from your throne, or go there yourself and show other people who aren't there what you see. That way, leaders of other countries will know what you are doing.

Snapchat allows you to communicate with people. You wouldn't have to travel anywhere to conduct meetings. For example, Melvin Kelwin, the king of Tsui kingdom, uses Snapchat. He likes the wall you are building and wants to do the same thing. He wants to exchange supplies with another country. Imagine that you, Your Majesty, would like the supplies he is offering in return for lots of bricks. You could find that out through Snapchat.

If you could have a conversation with one of your emotions like in the movie 'Inside Out,' what would you tell it?

It is also a good way of spreading your messages to your people without your officials' help. You could use it to make your people like you. Even your enemies might end up deciding not to kill you.

Speaking of killing, you would be able to use Snapchat to see who doesn't support you. If you could know where they are, you could send people out there to kill them first. You could also find out who is posting things against you. After that, the only people left would be your supporters. That way you could stay in power forever! These are some of the reasons I would highly recommend you use Snapchat.

Enter Brain Game!

To be considered for the next round, email kelly.fung@scmp.com with your name, age, school, and contact number, and answer this question: Why do you want to be a Brain Gamer?

Target: open only to secondary school students in Hong Kong (Age: 11-18)

Deadline: midnight, December 20

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