If you could invent one public holiday, what would it be?

If you could invent one public holiday, what would it be?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win an Apple Watch Nike+!

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

Since the environment is in such bad shape, I would say a week-long holiday where everyone has to stop polluting the air. Factories would have to stop working, which means gas would not be released from them. As everyone would be on holiday, there would be no need to use transport to go to work. The air would be cleaner because air pollution would decrease. Disclaimer, this holiday also allows people to fart a lot.

Contestant 2

We need a public holiday for secondary school students – Throwback Day – where they could visit their previous schools. Like it or not, a bond is created between a school and its students over the years. After we graduate, visiting our alma maters would bring back memories of when we were in primary school. As a primary six student myself, I think having Throwback Day sounds fantastic, because I’m already missing my school!

Contestant 3

If I could invent one public holiday, I would make something called the Celebrate Everything Day. On that day, people would get to celebrate, or be thankful to and about, different things in any way they want. For example, people who want to celebrate family could get together with their own family and have a day together. People who want to celebrate Star Wars could meet and dress up as their favourite characters. And if you didn’t have anything to celebrate? You can do that too, by celebrating doing nothing!

Contestant 4

Hong Kong is such a hectic city. Everyone is so busy that de-stressing is not something that’s done. That’s why I think a Meditation Day should be created. We’d start the day by focusing on our breaths, which would allow us to temporarily escape from our work and we’d feel less stressed. By hitting pause on our lives and meditating, we can hopefully improve our mental health and more people would feel better about themselves.

Contestant 5

I would like to have a health day. In my opinion, students in Hong Kong are way too stressed out, and they should have a day of relaxation to make them feel better. I know many local school students who face this problem all the time, and they definitely deserve a day off from their studies.

Contestant 6

If I could invent a public holiday, it would be Clean Our City Day. On this day, everyone would come together to clean their environment. They would lend a helping hand to people around them, and volunteer to clean places around them – not just their homes. If everyone helped out then, before you know it, the whole city would be clean! It would be only for a day and it wouldn’t be as tiring as you’d think as so many people would be helping. Can you imagine how clean your city would be?

Contestant 7

Have you ever heard of the World Sauna Championships, or bed racing? There are so many unusual sports out there, and a Weird and Wonderful Sports Day would be the perfect way to celebrate them. People would hear about and try out different sports that don’t typically receive much attention, such as giant pumpkin kayaking, unicycle football, and worm charming. Elephant polo, anyone?

Contestant 8

If I could invent one holiday, it would be a birthday holiday. These days, I feel like not many people get to celebrate their birthday as they don’t have the time, because of work or their studies. Having and celebrating a birthday is very important, as it means a person has grown. Birthdays are also a chance for us to thank our parents for creating us, which isn’t something we tend to be thankful about. Obviously, everyone’s birthday holiday would be different, because everyone has their own birthday.

Contestant 9

Definitely Oscars’ Day. Everyone love films, right? The Oscars are a fun and eye catching event that’s held each year. When I was younger, I’d look forward to going home after school to watch the latest awards show. If we could have Oscars’ Day, then I’d get to go home and enjoy the Oscars live. No homework either, please, so that we’d be able to fully appreciate it!

Contestant 10

If I invented a public holiday, it would be Go Home Day. This is a day in which anyone, no matter their job, gets to stay home for the day. Many jobs don’t have set days off during the week. Some people might not have any weekends at all. At least this way, everyone would get one holiday in the year where they get to relax at home.


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