You’re the last person on Earth. What do you spend your time doing?

You’re the last person on Earth. What do you spend your time doing?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will have the chance to encounter animals with their best friend at Ocean Park, a prize worth HK$3,236.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

(L -R) Saima and Hilary Lo

Contestant 1

There’d be a lot of things to do if you were the only one left on Earth. You’d be excited, as well as nervous, because there wouldn’t be anyone else to guide you. You’d also be really sad because your family members weren’t here anymore, but you would have to move on no matter what.

First, being a foodie, I would go to the nearest supermarket and get a lot of snacks, particularly chocolate, without paying since no one would be there. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?! Then I would go to McDonald’s or Starbucks and enjoy a meal there.

Second, I would just choose a car on the street and drive it – I actually don’t have a driving licence but I wouldn’t need it, right? Also, I wouldn’t need to worry about crashing into people. What’s more, I could break all the traffic rules and still get away with it.

Third, I would drive to Ocean Park and see the dolphins and sea lions. There would be no one to feed them or take care of them, so I would have to do that. I would also go to the Hong Kong Wetland Park and feed the animals there, too. I wonder what Pui Pui – Hong Kong’s celebrity crocodile – would eat. I believe that would take up my first day. The following days would pass by quickly, and then I’d end up feeling that there was nothing left to do. That’s why I would never want to be the only person left on Earth!

Contestant 2

Holy! Was there a world war, or a second Black Death, or did Donald Trump kill off the whole world except me with his orangey- and blobfish-like presence? Or did some of those cringey stars poison the entire world by acting inappropriately and thinking the world of themselves? Wait, it could even be global warming (I told you, save the environment or prepare for doomsday!).

I think the latter three scenarios would be the most likely ones. But anyway, if I were the last person on Earth, there’d be a high chance of me dying like everyone else did, so I’d leave something behind as proof or evidence of what happened to us. This would help any aliens or future organisms solve the mystery of how humans vanished from the face of the Earth. I would record my thoughts and views on the important events or people who caused this devastation on tape and make several copies.

I would also scatter hints around Earth and leave clues, along with a map of important places, to help future investigators understand what caused our extinction (but I’d make sure only smart couch potatoes like me would be able to solve this).

I’d also write a letter, something like: “Ooh, where you from? Must be heaven! Or another planet because every person just died, probably because of Trump Phobia (thanks, Fifth Harmony!).” I’d tell them how advanced humans were. I mean, we invented #throwbackthursdays and we were so #tumblr, dude.

Those tapes would be sent everywhere, until the right person / creature figured it out. Then I would also become famous because of my contributions to history (who knows, maybe a super-hot alien would fall in love with me, jkjk).

I credit my tape idea to 13 Reasons Why ... but who can blame me, right? That show’s only downside is that you can finish it in like one day.

That’s probably why we became extinct. The show was just too short. Ahh, it’s all your fault, 13 Reasons Why. And to the people who caused the extinction, don’t go all Biebs on me and ask me “Is it too late now to say sorry?”, because if you’re hearing this tape, it really is.



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If i am the last person on Earth,i will go to the spectacular place such as Niagara Falls or Great Wall and enjoy the scenery.Although it is far,i have so much time to go .Because of my long journey,i will get some food from the supermarket.It is convenient that i don't need to pay for the food. Although i am extremely free,i will feel lonely and miserable because the cities are desolate and nobody can play with me.Therefore, i will climb up to the highest tower in the world which called Tokyo Skytree and i will jump to my death with my sorrow.

Chong Mandy


If I were the LAST person on Earth, I think I will steal a car for me to drive anywhere I want since I don't have a license plate, but no one will catch me cause I am the last person who lives on Earth. I would go somewhere I have not been there, such as Torre pendente di Pisa, La Tour Eiffel etc. What a famous place in the world.
Meanwhile, I will drive a Lamborghini to find delicious food in the world, and I am not going to pay money for anyone.
But if you are the last person on Earth, and you don't get family or friends with you, I think I will give up the Earth, follow my family step to another world that can stay with my family and friends, since if you don't have any people with you, so that your life going to be meaningless.

Ma Tammy


If I am the last person on Earth.First,I will sleep on my own bed,because nowadays there have many homeworks and revision I dont have enough time to take a rest.Next,I will travel to other counties to shop.Finally,I will go out to have food because the food are free.

Wong Yuki


If I am the last person on Earth,I will spend my time to go the nearest supermarket in order to get a lot of canned food or cup noodles. I think those food can maintain my life a period of time. When I finish my meal,I will go to flower shop. Because I can get different kind of seeds to plant crops. So, I won't suffer hunger and die. Furthermore , I want t raise a dog , because I will feel boring and lonely. If I have a dog , I can play and travel with it .