Which celebrity would you want to go on holiday with?

Which celebrity would you want to go on holiday with?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question, and eliminate your least favourite until we have a winner

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a Polaroid Socialmatic Camera worth US$299. Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

There could only be one person – Lilly Singh. She’s a hit with people of all ages, from really young children to the elderly – she’s got more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube and that’s no easy task. That’s not even all of it though; she’s done other amazing things like write a book, and collaborate with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Her many achievements and perseverance are just some of the reasons why I’d love to go on holiday with her. What attracts me the most isn’t the fact that she has a massive fan base, or her rising fame. It’s her aura that pulls people to her, her sense of humour that makes her relatable and likeable, and her positive vibes! I’m pretty unmotivated and exhausted all the time, and I think her presence would help put me in the holiday mood. I’m sure that her creative ideas would make a holiday all the more exciting.

More importantly, she’s someone who really does seem like they are who they say they are. Unlike other celebrities, she doesn’t have multiple personalities for different occasions. Who wants to go on holiday with someone who acts really nice when she’s in front of a camera and like a brat behind the scenes? Lilly seems like she’s super genuine, humble and down-to-earth.

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Contestant 2

I would want to go on holiday with Conan O’Brien, the host of the American late-night TV show, Conan. He is the funniest and cleverest talk show host out there. He likes to film short, comedic skits in far-flung locations around the world. I would take him on a tour of Hong Kong. As for the itinerary, I would first stick to the standard “European Tourist” package: taking photos in Sham Shui Po, along the Victoria Harbour waterfront, and in the New Territories. I would then go camping with him in Sai Kung, eat lunch at Oi Man estate in Ho Man Tin, and hike along the Dragon’s Back trail. Then, if we still had time, I could throw in the “Beware” package: windsurfing in Cheung Chau, and a walk along the Hong Kong-China border at Sha Tau Kok. With Conan’s sense of humour, I think that any experience with him would be an entertaining one. I’ll leave you with one of his best jokes: “After being surpassed by a Chinese company, Walmart is no longer the largest retailer in the world. But don’t worry, Walmart still has the largest customers.”

Contestant 3

Bill Gates for sure. He is such a generous philanthropist. Did you know that he uses 99 per cent of his income to tackle social issues like poverty and Aids? Even though he is a multibillionaire, he always thinks about society and the underprivileged.

He makes good use of his influence, too. Not only does Gates promote generosity leading by example, he also speaks out on global issues, like those affecting developing nations. His actions speak louder than words. I would want to go on holiday with Gates not just because he’s a nice person, but also because since he has stepped down as Microsoft CEO, he would have plenty of free time for travel.

We would go to the Maldives – it’s a magnificent place with nice beaches and lots of sunshine. But with climate change and rising sea levels, those islands could disappear in the future. That’s why I want to go there with him, before it’s too late! In fact, Gates would be able to speak out about climate change and be able to do more than I could to help reverse it.

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