What new sport should be added to the Olympics?

What new sport should be added to the Olympics?

Thanks to junior reporter Joy Pamnani for suggesting this question!

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The contestants


Contestant 1

Squash. There are several variations of squash played around the world. It’s a really popular sport in many countries, including Pakistan, Egypt, the US, and South Africa. As the Olympics is a huge platform for introducing such sports, it would help to promote squash. The cost of adding it to the Olympics wouldn’t be a burden for the organisers. It would also be a great motivation for squash players.

Contestant 2

Bowling should be added to the Olympics since there are quite a number of famous bowling competitions around the world already. It was also a demonstration sport for the first, and so far only time, at the Seoul Summer Olympics in South Korea in 1988. I think it should be in the Games as a lot of people play the sport. I hope bowling won’t be left out of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Contestant 3

The new Olympic sport should of course be a Pokemon Go triathlon. During the first round, Pokemon trainers would have to run around the arena trying to catch as many Pokemon as possible by throwing life-size Pokeballs at them. Then, during the semi-finals, each trainer would select three of their best Pokemon and help them to reach their maximum combat power by developing their special skills. In the final, the trainers would all attempt to conquer a level 10 gym before competing with each other in one-on-one battles. May the best Pokemon win!

Contestant 4

Underwater hockey! Not only does it reflect the core values of the Olympic Games – teamwork and good sportsmanship – it is very easy to organise. It’s a non-contact sport, so accidents would be extremely rare. It includes elements of snorkelling, swimming, hockey and even diving, so it’s a challenge to play but fun to watch! The definition of an Olympic sport right here, ladies and gents!

Contestant 5

When the only positive comment your PE teacher gives you on your report card is “good luck”, you delete your Google search for “What sports are not in the Olympics” and pick texting instead. As the famous Twitter persona Pakalu Papito once said: “I may be ugly but I text back in 30 minutes”. #singlepringle #olympics2k18 #famous #lol

Contestant 6

I think it would be good to add the sport of “how much can you binge eat” to the Olympics. Eating is something we all do, but I think I’m truly talented because I can eat a lot – even after I’m full. From chocolate mousse to dim sum, there is nothing I won’t eat! I’d make sure I won a gold for Hong Kong. Plus, just think how fun training would be!

Contestant 7

Technically, Brain Game could be called a mind sport. (According to Wikipedia, a mind sport is a “game of skill where the mental exercise is more significant than the physical exercise.) I think “brain games” are a great way to test mental skill, which is why they should be the next Olympic sport.

Contestant 8

Croquet should be added to the Olympics, as this would provide something different for the crowds. The game isn’t long enough to bore the audience, but it has a bit more to it than diving, which is over in an instant. Being in the Olympics would raise the profile of croquet across the world and perhaps introduce more players to the game. Those already interested in croquet would also be far more interested in watching the Olympics.

Contestant 9

Jousting! There is nothing like a good joust to rile up crowds. This could be included in a fun event where all the athletes come together and try out different sports, even fictional ones, like Quidditch from Harry Potter, or flamingo croquet from Alice in Wonderland! Just imagine Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt charging at each other with plastic flamingos (a good alternative for spears). I wonder who would win?

Contestant 10

Group skydiving. Although not everyone likes the idea of skydiving, lots of people, including the disabled, can take part. Athletes can take part regardless of their physical capabilities. This reflects the Olympic logo of interlocking rings – an Olympic/Paralympic fusion event! This would be a great event to unite the world and promote equality. And watching skydiving would be exciting for the audience, too.

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