What new emojis does the world need?

What new emojis does the world need?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a pair of annual Gold Passes to Ocean Park.

The contestants

Contestant 1 

It is the emoji of Uncle Sam pointing at you, implying a strong and firm message – “I WANT YOU” or “IT’S YOU”. Recognised all over the globe, this iconic image is seen in thousands of posters to call for readers’ actions. As an emoji, it can also be used for inviting friends to a gathering, or even urging classmates to finish their parts in a group project!

Contestant 2 

Maybe a crawling sloth emoji? You are sleepy, like a sloth; you are lazy, like a sloth; your lessons come andyou gotta rest during lessons, like a sloth; you gotta chillax, like a sloth. Yes, live like a sloth.

Or an acne emoji for when you wake up with spots. Simply tap the symbol and everyone will understand your situation.

Contestant 4 

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the comedian, NOT the presidential candidate, of the year. With his signature bird’s-nest hair and countless facial expressions, ranging from an arrogant a condescendingsmirk to a dramatic facelift as he raises his eyebrows, Trump has truly pushed the limits of his ageing facial muscles. Thus, he deserves to have an emoji of his own, which not only captures his funny looks, but also has a wall around it to keep out all the Mexicans!

Contestant 3 

I speak on behalf of all girls when I say we need a “Don’t touch me” or “You do not want to get on my bad side” emoji to use every month.

Personally I get really grumpy and my mood can change within seconds. We need an emoji that warns people not to make us angry that particular week.

Contestant 5 

Definitely ... a DIY emoji! The Draw-It-Yourself emoji would solve some of the most important problems of the modern world, like how to express disgust, or talk about cheese? The answer: use the DIY emoji! Simply draw what you want to send, or save it for later use. You could even edit existing emojis to personalise them! Finally, we’d be able to use emojis to talk about Harry Potter. *contented sigh*

Contestant 6 

I think the world really needs an eating-face emoji because that’s what we spend the most time. This emoji would hold a fork and spoon and look excited about EATING.

Whenever I ask people what they are doing, 80 per cent of the time they’re eating. I know there are food and drink emojis, but sometimes you just can’t find the right symbol. For example, there is milk chocolate but no white chocolate; isn’t that racism?

Contestant 7 

The world is in need of a poker face emoji for those really awkward moments on social media when everything just stops and “all eyes are on you”, but you don’t know how to react.

We also need animated emojis. Emotions that cannot be expressed by images alone often need motion to help understand the message clearly.

Contestant 8

With blood-red lips that whisper “Why so serious?”, all the dark vibes are represented by one single emoji: The Joker, who represents the evilness and insanity within us.

Instead of the evil grin emoji, send your friend The Joker when indulging in malice. Instead of the kiss-blowing emoji, send your boyfriend or girlfriend The Joker to show them what you are willing to go through for them. Bonus: It would also torture coulrophobics – people who are scared of clowns.

Contestant 9 

A jetpack emoji would be nice to show high-flying spirits, but a low-battery emoji would be cool, too!

If your phone (or you) gets low on battery, an emoji would help.

it wouldn’t be a surprise when you suddenly stop replying to the person you’re messaging.It takes too long to type “low battery”. A quick tap, on the other hand, takes less time and that one second saved could be used for something more important.

Contestant 10 

I definitely need emojis that represent current statuses, like “I’m working” (to stop me from my endless procrastination), or “At lunch” (when your parents glare at you when you are on the phone).

You often don’t have time to reply and it would be so easy to just tap an emoji in the blink of an eye that truly describes your current mood or situation!



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