If you were an Avenger, what would your skill be?

If you were an Avenger, what would your skill be?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive an Apple Watch Sport worth HK$2,728.

The contestants


Contestant 1

Superhuman endurance. This would allow me to perform challenging, strenuous activities for hours at a stretch without feeling even a little bit tired.

Not only would I be able to outlast all of my enemies during fights and save the human race from evil villains, I'd also be able to clean my home, run marathons and study for long periods of time. Oooh, that would be wonderful!

Contestant 2

Behold, for I'm the scariest Avenger you have ever known - I have a blood-curdling ability to ABSORB WI-FI!

I shall shatter my enemies in three smooth steps. 1) Cut off their connection with the outside world. No more instant messages or newsfeeds. Can you feel the loneliness creeping in? 2) Say goodbye to your followers. With no more likes allowed, self-esteem is destroyed. 3) The Wi-fi keeps loading and loading - but in vain, and you'll feel like you've lost part of your limb.

What can I say? I'm invincible!

Contestant 3

If I were an Avenger, I would be a horribly inadequate one, because my awful physique would never fit in with the original superheroes.

I'm not big on violence, so I would choose a less-threatening skill like mind-reading. I think mind-reading's the coolest thing ever! I would never be afraid of people talking behind my back, and it can serve as a party trick.

I wouldn't do much "avenging", but I could perform magic tricks for a living. I bet mind-reading will bring in quite a lot of money, and I am currently looking for ways to pay my university tuition fees. Hmmm, being an Avenger is not half bad …

Contestant 4

The power to heal a person or an animal with the touch of a hand. Each member of the Avengers plays a crucial role, and if they lose even one superhero, then they won't be as effective in dealing with threats, and the world might be in danger once again. This is why it is important for every one of the Avengers, including me, to be healthy, and so it would great if one of the Avengers were able to heal the others.

Contestant 5

Shape-shifting. It would be really easy to trick my enemies into thinking that I had retreated, when I had actually become a small insect. Also, I could change my appearance to spy on my enemies by becoming one of them.

I mean, being a shape-shifter would be a great tool. It would be great for practical jokes, too! For example, if I could change into an elephant while I was in Korea, it would be hilarious! Actually, becoming an elephant would be handy for stamping on my enemies, too, as long as I could shape-shift back into me - with the clothes on, that is!

Contestant 6

I would be the Avenger with the ability to write poems to calm down evil villains. The beasties would take a step back and enjoy the poems, and that's when Iron Man would jump in and give them a beating. Great strategy, right? And it's not violent, so kids could learn from it. It's safe, and I wouldn't even break a sweat!

Under the galaxies,

my instincts roam free.

Lovingly, beasties bow to me,

Me, a Master of Poetry.

As Black Widow throws a punch,

I sit back nonchalantly,

watching another monster slump

in awe of Me.

*In case of dispute, Young Post reserves the right to decide the result

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If you were an Avenger, what would your skill be?


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