What would you like to collect and why?

What would you like to collect and why?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive an Apple Watch Sport worth HK$2,728.

The contestants

Contestant 1

I'd collect money. Why? It is the most common thing in the world and it would be very special if you had lots of money from other countries.

The greatest part about it is, if you decide you no longer want to collect it, you can just change it into one type of currency, and you might end up discovering you've become as wealthy as Bill Gates. Then maybe you would have to get glasses and computer nerd-ify yourself!

Contestant 2

Disneyland stickers because that's an unusual hobby. Every time I look at a Disney sticker, I think about the character on it. It reminds me about a movie that character was in, and it makes me laugh when I remember a funny part from that movie.

Sometimes the stickers make me wish for another movie in that series, even though it definitely won't happen. It's just so sad.

Contestant 3

I would like to collect hugs. Cuddling is the best way to show affection to the people around us, yet we don't hug each other often enough. Imagine the irony when you say "I really love my best friends but I haven't hugged them properly in ages".

Though hugs can't be physically collected, they certainly take up an important place in our lives.

Contestant 4

I would like to collect all the weapons in the world. It is appalling that weapons are used in terrorist activities, like the Paris attack, and so the only way to stop terrorism would be to ban weapons.

Although some argue that stopping the use of arms can disrupt social discipline, it's important to remember that we have love.

Contestant 5

Ooh, I've always wanted to keep a collection of real stars in my room since I was young, but my dad told me that I'd have to demolish the Earth first, so meh.

It would be so lovely at night: my room would light up with starlight, and occasionally, they might shoot all over my room and put on a meteor shower just for me.

Contestant 6

I'd collect authors - and no, not because I am a creep! As a die-hard book fan, I can't be the only one that finds it really irritating when an author ends the book on a cliffhanger. It's like, "No, I need answers, you don't understand how long I've spent obsessing over this book!"

If I collected authors, I'd be able to get all my answers immediately; or better yet, get them to edit endings that well don't work quite as well. *cough Allegiant*

Contestant 7

I would like to collect memories. Yes, it sounds deep, but memories and nostalgia are the most valuable things you could ever collect. This is because they aren't just objects, but things that have happened in the past. While shells or stamps may have a lot of historical value, they don't really teach us anything, which is what memories do. Memories teach us and help us in the future.

Contestant 8

Earrings! I'm totally crazy about them. I collect all different kinds: hoop, studs, braided … I recently just bought one pair shaped like ET alien heads.

But the most eccentric part of this is that I always examine them and do online research on them when I'm terribly bored (always). I even have a notebook with all my findings written in it!

Contestant 9

I like collecting people. Don't take this the wrong way - I don't mean I like making people my slaves or anything. It's just that I enjoy meeting a wide range of people of different ages, occupation, interests etc, and I love getting to know them personally. I put my connections in my memory and everyone I "collect" stays with me in my heart.

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Joey PY


I would like to collect people's mind.I don't mean to collect their whole mind but i was fascinated by the movie'inside out' so i would like to read through people's mind and what they are thinking about.For example,i like to read people's eyes and i can guess what they are thinking at that moment.I think that collecting people's mind in order to guess their feeling and thoughts is great and i really hope that i could read through people's mind and collect their minds someday!!