If you could be any fantasy creature, what would you be?

If you could be any fantasy creature, what would you be?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive an Apple Watch Sport worth HK$2,728.

The contestants

Contestant 1

Hands down, the hippogriff. Even better, Buckbeak. I could fly around the world, scaring the living daylights out of Muggles, and if I was feeling up to it, swoop in on Harry Potter and take him on an aerial tour of Hogwarts.

Eating raw meat might be a bit of a downer, but I'd happily take that if it means I get to slash Draco Malfoy all I want.  

Contestant 2

Ever heard of Gorgon? If not, Medusa surely rings a bell? If I were a gorgon, aside from being able to petrify any annoying people simply by staring at them, the blood taken from my left side could cure any illness - although the blood from the right side would be deadly. It'd be the greatest medical breakthrough in history! I'd be happy to donate blood from my left side. Oops! I mean, my right side.

Contestant 3

I would love to be a phoenix from Harry Potter. This is because while they are majestic creatures, they can do a number of things. Their tears can heal people - like how Harry was healed in The Chamber of Secrets. Phoenixes also have an extremely long life span, and they are very good at protecting themselves against predators. So if I were a phoenix, I wouldn't get eaten.

Contestant 4 

I would be a hippogriff. Do you know Buckbeak in Harry Potter? It's a creature with the head, front legs and wings of a giant eagle, and the hind legs and tail of a horse. And the best part? They can fly. They are simply majestic, and I would enjoy being a very large creature that everyone fears, because then I'd finally stop getting teased about my skinny figure.

Contestant 5

A mermaid, definitely! Just to see how many books would be written about me. So if I really was a mermaid, I'd get lots of royalty cheques from publishers. 

What's more, I am a die-hard fan of seafood. What could be better than having fresh seafood all the time?

Contestant 6 

I would be a griffin. Who wouldn't like to be a flying creature that guards precious jewels? I would be the king of all beasts and would be able to fly all my enemies out of this world or attack them with my sharp claws. Bow down, homo sapiens! 

Oh, and watch out, Justin Bieber: I'll give you a free ride out of this world sooner or later - I think it is a very generous offer! I'm very sorry that you'd be my passenger of choice ...

Contestant 7

Vampire! I would be able to move with superhuman speed, meaning I would never be late anywhere, ever again! Also, I'd never age, so if I am going to turn into a vampire, it needs to be soon so that I could remain wrinkle-free for the rest of my life. 

Lastly, it would actually be socially acceptable for me to never go out in the sun again. I wasn't kidding when I said I was allergic to sunlight, Mum! 

Contestant 8 

I would definitely be an irresistibly charismatic and mysterious vampire. The nighttime is my time! Vampires stay awake at night and sleep during the day, just like me! (Don't tell my teacher that I slept through her two-hour history class last Thursday!) 

But most of all, vampires are just the epitome of beauty, like Edward in Twilight! *fangirls nonstop*

Contestant 9 

I would be a unicorn. I would have the most beautiful white hair in the world to depict purity. I would show off my strong, shiny cloven hooves as I strode across rolling fields, and I would have the most astonishing horn which shows that I am a graceful and considerate being. 

Above all, I would receive plenty of love from humans, who would respect and safeguard my species.

Contestant 10 

I would be a phoenix which symbolises renewal. This would be great if you wanted a fresh start. Plus, they are beautiful, with a tail full of splendid colours. 

Seeing one is said to be a good thing, because it means that an intelligent person has become a leader. I'd be a happy sight for loads of people, so being a phoenix would feel nice.



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