When I was a granny

When I was a granny

Acting in a play as an elderly person was challenging

Along my journey of arts education, there have been many marvellous experiences.

The most memorable one was my first drama performance.

I was startled when I learned I would play the "grandma" of the family. I found this very challenging, as I was too young to fully understand what it takes to act as an elderly person.

Luckily, in the rehearsals, the director taught me what to do. I had to learn how to walk with a stick and how to speak like a grandma. Costumes and make-up helped me look the part.

I also helped to write the script. It was the first time I had written dialogues for a play. I found it really fun when the actors followed my script just the way I hoped they would.

In the final rehearsal, I was very nervous and afraid that I would forget my lines during the performance. But my family and fellow drama troupe members cheered me up and gave me support.

Fortunately, I performed well, and I was very happy.

After the show, I realised that teamwork is crucial for success. We need to co-operate and pool our resources and talents to achieve a common goal.

Although the rehearsals were hard work, taking part in the play was a worthwhile experience for me.

By participating in more arts activities, I hope to meet more friends who share the same interests.



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