Lesson from Tai O: simple is beautiful

Lesson from Tai O: simple is beautiful

Many people today strive more and more for material comforts. They race against time to work more and earn more. Yet deep inside, they feel empty and even jaded.

But not residents in the scenic fishing village of Tai O. Locals there lead simple lives in what looks like an enchanting world to an amateur photographer. I spent several days taking shots and was rewarded by a sublime sunset.

Later, I set about creating a "Simple is Beautiful" composition from the photos I took in the village. I followed a method used by British artist David Hockney, who is famous for his collages.

At first, I used entire photos to compose a picture. Later, however, I found that cutting the photos into small pieces resulted in a finer and smoother look. I made sure my composition was not only unique but also reflected the atmosphere of Tai O.

The task of sticking the photos onto cardboard proved to be a challenge. I used rubber glue, but it dried too quickly and failed to stick. I had to keep checking to make sure all the photos remained firmly in place. It took me nearly a month to complete my artwork. The process taught me some new tricks about how to do things faster and more effectively.

In addition to the task of creating my work, I had the chance to reflect on its meaning, which I could summarise in an artist's statement.

All these skills will be useful for me when I create new artworks. But best of all, I was satisfied with my work.



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