Memoirs of a dance student

Memoirs of a dance student

One of my most memorable experiences was meeting a dance teacher. I was in Primary Four and had just joined a Chinese dance class. In my first lesson, the teacher entered the class and introduced herself. Her name was Miss Wong.

Her sister ran a well-known ballet school.

We were told to do warm-up exercises and leg splits. I was one of the few who could do the splits.

Then Miss Wong taught us some fundamental steps of what she called the "chopsticks dance". She started to choreograph the dance and put me front and centre on the stage. She said my smile was very sweet.

Miss Wong nicknamed me "Black Shoes" because of what I was wearing that day. She taught us more choreography and more difficult steps which we practised again and again. During the lesson, she always praised me which made me feel good. She also loved to make jokes.

Classes lasted 90 minutes but they were never tiring. It was always fun and Miss Wong was an excellent teacher. She gave me confidence in dancing and taught me a lot. Not only did she teach us dance, but also how to be a good person. She began my love of dancing.

I hope I can be a dance teacher in the future, like Miss Wong, then I can share my memorable experiences with others.



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