Submerged effect

Submerged effect

I have always been fascinated with heaven and hell. I believe both exist. Where we will go all depends on our attitude towards life.

I was first inspired by a visual effect tutorial on the internet called "submerged". It is a visual effect in which the photographer animates a camera through one surface to another below. The technique inspired me to use it to depict the transition between heaven and hell.

To gain a greater perspective, I read a book about Buddhism. It mentioned the "six realms" in the humanistic world. It said life in the humanistic world is like the epitome of the six realms. My belief in heaven and hell is somehow similar.

To create vivid images of heaven and hell, I used artwork with similar themes for reference, , such as Das Paradies by Jan Brueghel and Hortus Deliciarum by Herrad von Landsberg. These paintings, with the themes of traditions and religion, gave me inspiration. After doing research, I came up with the story. There were two characters - a mother and a son. The son asks his mother if hell really exists as he lies on the ground listening to what's underneath. Using the submerged visual effect, I created a hell-like place underneath. In that place, there are also a mother and a son. The son looks up at the sky and asks his mother: "Mummy, is heaven above us?"

In life, we are often confused about our direction. Through the video, I wanted to convey the message that the "rules" of entering heaven or hell were created so that people can have clearer moral standards. Our attitude towards life determines whether it is "heaven" or "hell" that we are living.

I did the shooting at Cyperport as it provided different backgrounds and perspectives. I worked with a mother and her son. The background and costumes for the two settings were in stark contrast. Through this project, I learned about video production, including pre-production, casting, shooting and editing.



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