Passion trumps struggles

Passion trumps struggles

Participating in "Play Out of the Box: Creative Lab" in 2009 was remarkable. It was the first time I had taken part in a multimedia arts performance.

It was a great opportunity to discover the uses of new media in performing arts.

Before the performance, we had to attend a workshop. We learned about stage installations and effects. Students from different schools also exchanged ideas, which was really inspiring.

Back at school, I was responsible for designing the set and visual effects for our performance.

I was assigned to work with a group of junior students. This was a challenge, as I haven't worked with junior students before. But I was really surprised by their attitude, energy and passion for the arts which motivated me a lot.

For the installation, we worked with materials and objects we find in daily life. We tried different kinds and arrangements of furniture to create an impact. One of my favourite arrangements was made of flipped-over chairs in a circle with their legs pointing at the actress. It was like thousands of fingers accusing the actress.

For the visual effects, I collaborated with a Form One student. We used different methods like light painting. It was an enjoyable experience - exciting and intense.

We monitored the effects from the dark control room, and we needed to synchronise with what was happening on stage.

Through this project, I learned how to be a leader and give guidance to others. It could be difficult, but working with people with a shared interest was very worthwhile.

This is the great thing about the arts - it doesn't matter how old or experienced you are. The arts are about being inspired by the world around you, and how you present that inspiration.



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