Thrust into the spotlight but loving the song and dance of it

Thrust into the spotlight but loving the song and dance of it

I have taken part in lots of arts activities since starting secondary school. All of them have been fun and gave me great experience. I would like to share my thoughts on one of the most memorable activities I took part in - The Aladdin Musical.

When I was small, I liked singing and drawing. I also learned how to play different musical instruments. However, music at school was a new thing to me because it included drama. Owing to the encouragement from my teachers and my passion for performing, I decided to try my luck.

Auditions were held last September to select the actors, dancers, choir and backstage crews. Two weeks later, I was surprised, never having thought I would be chosen for the part of Jasmine, the main actress. We eventually spent six months on the production, and we received tremendous applause from the audience.

I learned a lot from the musical and had fun with it. I am not fond of joining competitions, I just like performing. This musical not only broadened my horizons in drama, but also enhanced my singing and dancing through all the rehearsals and trainings.

I am also happy because got to know more people in my school and I really feel loved and respected. The process was challenging, especially when I hurt my knee during rehearsals. But I am grateful that the whole production team, whether they were working front stage or backstage, helped me so much.



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