A memorable experience in an artistic journey

A memorable experience in an artistic journey

I first took art lessons at an academy when I was a child. I didn't think I was a good artist, but I continued to draw every summer when I went back to Korea.

As I grew up I wasn't all that passionate about art until a few years ago when I started to work on a portfolio for university.

I watched a fantasy movie, Pan's Labyrinth. I was fascinated by its music and computer graphics - in fact, the whole lot.

I thought of dropping art and becoming a movie director. I wanted to make a movie that would captivate the audience. My parents were concerned about me. They said I would change my mind again after a short time.

Then I learned about the true beauty of art after seeing some extraordinary drawings in Austrian painter Egon Schiele's biography.

They were very different from the artworks I had seen earlier. Before, I thought drawings had to be realistic. But now I know that it is important for an artist to have their unique style and express their feelings.

Schiele's most impressive work was Tote Mutter (Dead Mother).

In the drawing, the mother has a dark, sad face while the baby has a warm feeling. I understood Schiele's feelings towards his mother through the drawing. He always wanted his mother's love, but she never cared about him.

His works were the turning point in my artistic life, and gave me the inspiration to become an artist.



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