Gabriel Gallardo

Gabriel Gallardo

I have enjoyed singing since I was a child. Many of my weekends were spent singing with my dad, who played guitar and sang. His taste and opinion influenced me greatly.

I first started to take music seriously in Form Two. I played the recorder in the school's recorder group and began teaching myself the guitar with the help of a tutorial DVD. The recorder was easy to master.

Guitar, however, was not as straightforward. I was learning on my father's steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and the fingering for the chords was more challenging than on a nylon-stringed guitar.

But, within a few weeks I was playing songs. My heaviest influence at the time was The Beatles. They have a large range of songs of varying difficulties and styles. I began with the easier songs and soon challenged myself with the harder ones.

Paul McCartney is one of my greatest influences. His multi-instrumental talent inspired me to learn other instruments. I began to learn bass by playing along to songs that I liked. Then, I learned piano by watching videos on YouTube.

In my Form Three year, I started learning music theory, with the aim of passing Grade Five within a year. Music theory helped me to understand intervals, harmonies and cadences. So far, the hardest instrument has been my own voice. I believe that, because the voice is one of the most versatile instruments, it's also one of the toughest to master.

Music will be a life-long journey of discovery. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me.



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