Expressing yourself with various media

Expressing yourself with various media

This week's artists are Wong Man-chun from Buddhist Wing Yan School and Doris Hung Wing-ki, of Kwun Tong Government Primary School


Doris Hung (centre) has immersed herself in English drama
Doris Hung (centre) has immersed herself in English drama
Photo: HKADC

Doris Hung

I have taken part in English drama productions for three years. I have learned a lot about acting and the importance of teamwork.

My first role was that of a cat in the play Cinderella, and later I appeared in The Wizard of Oz.

This year, I played a teacher in the musical The 21st Century Kwun Tong Exploration. I sang badly during rehearsals. When I cried, my English drama teacher, Miss Mak, and my classmates encouraged me. Miss Mak said: 'Talent is important, but effort is worth more.' Then I understood that practice was the only way to improve my singing.

I think learning through your mistakes is a great thing. Now I have more confidence in singing. I hope to become a professional actress in the future.

Wong Man-chun

Wong Man-chun has been having fun with clay art

My most memorable artistic experience started during last year's summer holidays when schools closed early because of the swine flu epidemic. During this extended vacation, I joined a local art class for children and was introduced to clay art. I loved it because I could make so many different things, including cartoon characters and decorations.

I made a lot of things for my family. My mother loves flowers, so I made a clay vase. My father is always talking on his mobile phone, so I made him a handset holder. My sister likes to draw, so I made a pencil holder for her. For myself, I made a clay house in the countryside, with the sun shining brightly. Clay art is interesting and fun - I can make anything I want.



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