Speaking contest reveals vocation

Speaking contest reveals vocation

Form Three student Tang Ka-chun has been inspired by a school musical - based on a speech he wrote - to become a playwright in future.

This week's artist is Tang Ka-chun, a Form Three student at Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School, who talks about taking part in a speech contest.

Creating is a difficult process and demands a lot of patience, as I learned from an experience last year.

My English teacher recommended that I take part in a speaking contest. It was my first time to enter such a contest. I wrote a speech about how a dream can come true, using part of the plot of Mamma Mia! as an example, and also talking about my own dreams. My teacher said she thought my performance was better than she had expected.

She encouraged me to keep at it, and said she it would be a good idea to turn my speech into a musical. She recruited a group of students, and set about arranging props and costumes. Then she wrote a script based on my speech. My teacher also arranged for someone to compose the music and someone to make the costumes.

The story was about a girl who lived in Greece and wanted to find her father. On her wedding day, three men appeared, all claiming to be her father. Her dream had come true, but it was a nightmare. How could she find out who her father was?

To sum up, creating a successful piece of work takes more than just talent. Hard work and teamwork play an important part.

This memorable and educational experience inspired me to make become a playwright.

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