Performance passion

Performance passion

Karine Chan (girl) says performing arts bring out great potential in children.

This week's artists are Karine Chan Loong-ying , a Primary Six student at Marymount Primary School, and Vickie Lau Tsz-yung, a Primary Six student at SKH Mung Yan Primary School. They talk about their passion for dance.

Karine Chan

I started learning Latin dance in 2006 and fell in love with it. One of my best teachers, Sunny Wang, is from Liyang, Jiangsu province .

My partner and I are his favourite students. He is tough but nice, and dedicated to teaching.

During summer, 2008, he invited us to Liyang for a week's training course. He taught us creative dances for a grand public performance at a 1,000-seat theatre. We trained from early morning daily, learning new dances.

In just a week, we all improved remarkably and our confidence was boosted.

I was one of the masters of ceremony, welcoming more than 1,000 guests and government officials. I made my welcoming speech in English, Cantonese and Putonghua and received three rounds of applause.

I think performing arts bring out great potential in children. We are encouraged to co-operate and work hard to continuously improve. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my teachers and parents, who have given me full support.

Vickie Lau

I have learned ballet for eight years and would recommend it to other youngsters because it is such an elegant art form with a long history. It also allows us to appreciate classical ballet shows such as Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake.

Secondly, ballet helps us improve our posture.

Ballet also helps us relax, especially when we are tired, and encourages expression of emotions.

Ballet also helps us stay healthy, makes us stronger and burns extra calories.

Ballet is not a performing art exclusive to girls; in my ballet school, boys always get the highest marks.

Many people say Hong Kong is a cultural desert because people in Hong Kong are impatient and have little time for the performing arts. As a result, they do not know how to appreciate art.

This is why we have to promote a ballet culture.

The Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme is organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. It encourages students to take their passion for the arts beyond the campus and into the wider community. The ambassadors will take part in a series of arts programmes during the school holidays.

Learn more about the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme here



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