Drawing the bigger picture

Drawing the bigger picture


Ricky Chung
Chan Wing-lam has recently branched out into new fields of art. Photo: Ricky Chung

Chan Wing-lam, a Primary Six student from Queen Elizabeth School Old Student's Association Branch Primary School, is a multi-talented artist who excels in both drawing and dancing.

Thanks to her drawing skills, she became a member of the Arts Ambassadors-in school Scheme.

Wing-lam thinks the experience and exposure she gets from the scheme is beneficial and eye-opening.

'Through the scheme, I get to interact with professional artists. They taught me different drawing techniques, and how to use colours to create special effects,' Wing-lam says.

'I have been doing oil painting for quite some time but never knew oil paint could be used to create a 3D effect. The artists really opened my mind. Now I know more about drawing and how to appreciate art.'

Wing-lam loves nature - most of her pictures are of beautiful landscapes and the ocean. 'When I go somewhere and think it's beautiful, I'll try to draw it,' she says. 'I also like to be creative and add more to the picture. For example, when I draw the ocean, I add marine life to make the picture more lively.'

In May, Wing-lam hosted a show on the school's television network, QBSTV. She talked about an outfit she had designed. Fashion design is a new venture for her and she is very excited about it. "At first I thought it would be very difficult, but it's amazing what you can create with cloth ... [and] a lot of fun.

Daisy Chiu Hoi-yik, the school's visual art teacher, said Wing-lam had been winning prizes since Primary One.

'Wing-lam is not only a talented artist, she is also a very good communicator. She presents her ideas really well, and her personality makes it easy for her to talk to other students about art. Her energy and devotion to sharing art with others really impresses me.'

Arts Ambasadors-in-school
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