In love with illustrating

In love with illustrating


Edmond So
Primary school student Chen Tsz-wan shows off some of her comic book-inspired creations. Photos: Edmond So

A comic-loving artist shares her passion with her family and fellow arts ambassadors, writes Wong Yat-hei

Chen Tsz-wan from Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School is crazy about comics. Her passion for drawing and willingness to share it with others helped her to become a member of the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme.

During a break, Tsz-wan sits down with classmates and they draw pictures together. 'I have endless things to talk about when it comes to drawing. I really enjoy sharing my interest with my classmates,' she says.

Tsz-wan first came across Japanese comics at the age of three and fell in love with them. Tsz-wan says: 'My dad loves comics and inspires my drawings. Comic artwork also inspires me. Drawing makes me happy.'

Joining the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme has allowed Tsz-wan to meet other young people who share her interest.

'I share my work and look at the work of others through the scheme's website,' she says.

'There are many big brothers and sisters who look at my work and give me feedback to help me become a better artist. They are all friendly and willing to give me guidance,' the nine-year-old says.

Tsz-wan loves animals and hopes to become a vet. Her fondness for animals is often displayed in her work. 'Many of my pictures are of animals. I also love drawing rainbows to express joy.'

Tsz-wan's mother says the whole family enjoys art and support Tsz-wan's hobby. At the weekend, Tsz-wan attends drawing classes, and if there is an art exhibition in town, the whole family goes to see it.

'We're just crazy about art - there are loads of art books at home. Tsz-wan loves books, but she's more into the design than reading it. I wish she would pay more attention to the words but she just loves art,' the mother says.

Arts Ambasadors-in-school
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