Siblings of five-year-old girl who died of abuse reveal details to police

Siblings of five-year-old girl who died of abuse reveal details to police

Grim details of abuse were read out in court this week after a five-year-old girl, Chan Sui-lam, died on Saturday.

On Saturday, Sui-lam, was rushed to hospital unconscious and covered in bruises. She was certified dead upon arrival. 

Her father Chan Hoi-ping, 26, a transport worker, and stepmother Wong Hiu-tung, 27, a housewife, were arrested and charged with murder.

Lam-lam's siblings told police that the night before she had been “punished” by being thrown up into the air, so high that her head hit the ceiling. She also had older wounds which had become infected.

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Her brother and sister told officials that she had also been swung around by both her arms. 

“The two siblings said the deceased girl and the [eight-year-old boy] were assaulted almost daily. Their arms and legs were beaten with canes. Their faces were smacked with slippers. Their chests were poked with scissors,” the prosecutor said in court.

The court also heard the two children were not fed or allowed to rest properly.

“The deceased girl and the [boy] were often not given enough food. At Lunar New Year and Christmas, they were only given a small amount of food at night,” the prosecutor said.

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“They were also often asked to sleep on the floor of the living room without thick blankets.”

Police were given eight more weeks to investigate the case. 

Meanwhile, the operator of the pre-school the dead girl attended is looking in to what happened. The girl had been removed from the school since October. 

The case was adjourned until March 6.

If you are being hurt, or you know of someone who is being hurt, please tell your teacher. 


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