Triathlon stars soak up the fun

Triathlon stars soak up the fun

Hong Kong athletes Vinci **** and Timmy Law enjoy taking part under a newly introduced format based on continents


Timmy Law with his supporters at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.
Timmy Law with his supporters at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.
Photo: Kevin Kung
It was an exciting day for triathlon lovers at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore. Athletes from the same continent came together to compete in the triathlon team relay last Thursday - the first time such a format had been used at the Olympic level.

Each team comprised two boys and two girls. Hong Kong representatives Vincci Hui Wai-sum and Timmy Law Leong-tim were in Team Asia 1 and Team Asia 2 respectively.

Hui, who finished eighth, said: 'It was fun to have a race with triathletes from different countries. It was even harder than an individual race as you needed to be at full speed when you started because of the shorter distance for all sections.'

In the team event, athletes swam for 250 metres, cycled for seven kilometres and ran for 1.7km. In an individual event, the distances are 750m, 20km and 5km, respectively.

After the race, Hui was randomly selected for the drug test but due to technical problems, it took her more than three hours to complete the test. It normally takes about 30 minutes.

'I had to keep eating and drinking; it was tiring,' she said.

While Hui was taking the test, Law was surrounded by about 100 supporters. He signed autographs and posed for pictures with his fans. He was also asked for his Facebook account.

'I didn't expect to make so many new friends here. I compete in Singapore once or twice each year and every time the spectators are supportive,' he said.

New Zealand's Aaron Barclay, gold medallist in the men's triathlon and a member of the silver medal-winning Team Oceania 1, said he was very happy about his performance at the Games.

'The feeling of winning the first gold and silver for New Zealand is amazing,' Barclay said.

'I am pretty satisfied with my result as it couldn't be any better. I will now focus on the World Junior Championships to be held next month. I hope I can continue my good form in the YOG and win a medal at the Worlds.'



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