HK hopefuls leap into action on opening day

HK hopefuls leap into action on opening day

Triathlete barely misses a scary crash and fencer exits with no regrets


Jackson Wang will represent Asia Team Two in the team event.
Jackson Wang will represent Asia Team Two in the team event.
Photo: Kevin Kung
On the first day of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, Hong Kong athletes had a chance to strut their stuff in the women's triathlon and men's fencing.

East Coast Park was the official venue for the women's triathlon on Sunday.

Hong Kong representative Vincci Hui Wai-sum finished 17th but was one of the top two performers from Asia, making her eligible to join forces with gold medallist Yuka Sato from Japan and the two top men from Asia to compete in Thursday's relay.

Vincci was lucky to avoid a nasty crash during the 20km cycling section.

'I was among the main group of riders and suddenly someone decided to break free,' she said.

'I sensed it was dangerous to follow because the ground was slippery from rain the day before and we were approaching a turn.

'I decided to slightly increase my speed and prevent others from passing me. A little later, I heard the crashing sounds and screaming behind me. It was pretty scary.'

The cadet male individual sabre event was also scheduled for the first day of competition. Hong Kong fencer Jackson Wang's hopes ended with an early exit in the round of 16.

He had no luck with the draw and had to face Europe's top fencers, including world junior champion Richard Hubers from Germany.

'I have done all I can and I have no regrets at all,' Jackson said.

Despite the disappointing performance, Jackson will look forward to a better result tomorrow in the team competition where he will represent Asia Team Two.



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