YOG of the week: Vincci Hui Wai-sum

YOG of the week: Vincci Hui Wai-sum

Name: Vincci Hui Wai-sum
School: School Diocesan Girls' School
Grade: Form Six
Sport: Triathlon

Achievements Vincci, 17, is a member of the Hong Kong triathlon team. She has been a scholarship athlete of the Hong Kong Sports Institute since 2004. She was the second runner-up at the 2010 YOG Qualifying Race in South Korea, and the champion of the Hong Kong ITU Triathlon Premium Asian Cup last year. Vincci also came first in the Elite Junior category of the 2009 Above Challenge Triathlon Race and third in the Aqua series - Race 3.

How she qualified "I was the first Hong Kong athlete to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG). I started my preparations for the qualifying event two years ago and booked my ticket to the YOG after finishing third in the competition," Vincci said.

Soundbite"Triathletes only have one chance to qualify for the YOG. Unfortunately, I had a bike crash and my shoulder was hurt," Vincci said. "My doctor told me it would take four months for a full recovery. At that time, the YOG qualifying competition was less than three months away.
"However, I recovered faster than I anticipated. In the qualifying competition, I lagged behind in swimming. But I caught up with the leading athletes during cycling and was among the top five when the running segment started. I got third place overall. Having been injured, it was an amazing result."

From her coach "I was happy to see Vincci recover from her injuries and qualify for the YOG. We are now doing more swimming training and we hope she can do better in this important event," said the coach of the Hong Kong team, Wan Shu-wah.

Insight for the Games "My target for the YOG is to get into the top two Asian triathletes. I will also take care of the younger athletes of the Hong Kong team at the YOG," Vincci said.

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