11 Winter Olympics 2018 young athletes whose Instagram accounts you'll want to follow for a daily dose of inspiration and joy

11 Winter Olympics 2018 young athletes whose Instagram accounts you'll want to follow for a daily dose of inspiration and joy


Seventeen-year-old Maame Biney was born in Ghana and moved to Virginia, US with her father when she was six years old.
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At the 2017 Rio Olympics we had Siobhan Haughey and Simone Biles, at this year's PyeongChang Winter Olympics we have a whole new host of amazing young athletes whose Instagram accounts you should follow immediately! Goofy, relateable and inspiring, these sporting stars are sure to brighten up your feed:


This awe-inspiring 17-year-old snowboarder for America became the youngest ever female gold medalist, and Chloe's Instagram account reveals the teen still has an incredibly laid back personality. And cute dogs.


expectations vs reality

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Red Gerrard is a 17-year-old American snowboarding gold medalist whose Instagram account is even goofier than he is.

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Eighteen-year-old American figure skating sensation Nathan Chen has selfies galore on his Instagram account for those of you who enjoy his looks as much as his spectacular quad jumps. There are also photos of himself with other incredible people, like this one...


Figure skating Vincent Zhou's Instagram account shows the hard work this 17-year-old puts into his sport, and it also shows the normal teenage side of him who just enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

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One of Chloe Kim’s BFFs and also one of America's top snowboarders, 17-year-old Hailey Langland has gorgeous photos of her snowboarding, hanging with other athletes, and her beautiful husky named Denver.


Onto the next. @xgames Photo: @blattphoto

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While 19-year-old Izzy Atkin won Britain its first Olympic skiing medal, several pundits have pointed out she seems more American than British, since she lives in the US and has a heavy American accent. Either way, she's here to wow you.

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Atkin's fellow Brit, snowboarder Rowan Coultas, is 20 years old, loves getting out in nature, and has an Instagram feed so stunning it'll make you wish you were a professional snowboarder as well.


Sensational Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva is a two-time world champion at just 18 years old, and a huge anime fan. Combine that with her beauty, and it’s no surprise she has such a big Instagram following.

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Fellow Russian Alina Zagitova has become one of Evgenia’s biggest rivals after defeating her in the Russian Championships in January. She’s 15 years old, likes anime, hanging out with friends, and a complete animal lover! 


Гули гули#ГОЛУБИ

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Maame Biney became the first black woman on the US speedskating team at just 18 years old, and her Instagram is full moments in her hectic life, her inspirations and her beautiful smile.


What a weekend!! I’m still in awe that I’m going to the Olympics!! I want to start off by thanking God. I am so sure that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for him. If God hadn’t given my dad the strength to wake up, and take me to practice, I wouldn’t be here today. I also want to thank God for giving me the passion to do this. Daddy. I know that I can be a pain at times and not appreciate what you’ve done for me. I do appreciate you. When I’m older I want to be just like you. Wanting to help people, having an amazing heart, being dedicated, and being the best parent ever. Scratching the surface to any one of those things would already make me a great person. Thank you for letting me push myself, Werid, right? But it worked. And b/c of you, I will keep pushing myself. Hehe I love you Daddy This one is to my host family. Letting me stay with you guys for 6 months have been amazing! You guys have really made me feel like part of your family! Mrs. Melissa, you really have been a mother to me and I will forever love you and keep you close to my heart. Mr. Robert, hehe thank you for those Cafe Rio tripsAnd Abby. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to become your big sister. Love you guys always and forever This one goes out to the whole skating community! You guys have made a huge impact on my dad and I. @dominionspeedskating I love you guys tons! We’ve been through so much together. Tears, laughter, and everything in between. I honestly can’t thank everyone who has helped us b/c there’s SOO many people. You guys know who you aremuch love This last one is to my friends (from school) who got that I couldn't do anything b/c I had a goal. I’m so happy that you guys didn’t abandon me. I love how you guys tried to understand. It really means a lot to me. Also, to my church family for praying for me for years!! Without your prayers for safe travels and successful competitions I honestly don’t believe that my dad and I would have made it this far It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what happens!! Hehe I’m super excited to go to PyeongChang, Korea and represent USA with the rest of the team!!

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Snowboarder Tess Coady became Australia’s youngest Olympian in 2018 when she was 17 years old. Although she injured her knee during practice before she could compete at PyeongChang, if the the positivity, snark, and fun-loving attitude on her instagram is anything to go by, she's sure to make a comeback, and come back stronger than ever, in no time!


Look like I'm taking a selfie but don't even have a phone #PeeOnChang #SorryChang

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