A record-breaking year for both Diocesan Girls' and Diocesan Boy's Schools' top teen swimmers at inter-school competition

A record-breaking year for both Diocesan Girls' and Diocesan Boy's Schools' top teen swimmers at inter-school competition

DBS and DGS emerged victorious again, and Young Post asked team captain Marie Lok about why their team is so successful


DBS celebrate winning their 25th straight championship.
Photo: Ben Young/SCMP

Both Diocesan schools were named champions again at the Division One Inter-School Swimming Competition 2017-18 final on Friday, continuing their dominance of Hong Kong secondary school sports.

Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS) won the boys’ overall title for the 25th consecutive time with 471 points, narrowly beating St Joseph’s College which had 451. La Salle College came in third with 381 points.

Diocesan Girls’ School (DGS) won the girls’ title for an incredible 30th time in a row with 533 points. Heep Yunn School and Good Hope School finished second and third with 440 and 300.5 points, respectively.

DGS team captain, 17-year-old Marie Lok, spoke to Young Post after her school’s historic victory.

“It’s very satisfying and encouraging to help DGS win the overall championship for the 30th consecutive year,” said Marie, who has been swimming since she was three years old.

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“I would like to thank all of the swimmers and coaches for all the effort they put into preparing for the competition. It would be impossible to win without their dedication.” She also paid tribute to Ho Nam-wai and Wong Sze-ting, who set new records in C grade and B grade respectively.

Marie said DGS was aiming for the swimming “grand slam” of winning A, B and C grade divisions, but an incredible performance from Heep Yunn School’s A grade girls prevented that from happening.

“Although we were a bit upset [at not winning the grand slam], we understand that it was just a bonus and our ultimate goal was to win the overall championship.”

Marie herself said she hadn’t swum at her best.

“I didn’t perform well [in the final], but with the support of everyone, I was able to stand firm and lead the team. Thanks to outstanding performances from the B and C grade girls, we were able to win the overall championship.”

Marie gave a special shout out to some of her teammates:

DGS were named champion for the 30th time in a row.
Photo: Ben Young/SCMP

“Dolphin Chan was sick today but she still swam for our team; I really appreciate that and I’m so proud of her for finishing the races.”

She also mentioned Ho Nam-wai, who set a new record time in B grade, and Won Sze-ting, who set two new records in C grade. Finally, superstar Cheung Wing-yan set a record for A grade 200m breaststroke with a time of 2:39.84.

Other record-breakers include DBS’ Cheuk Ming-ho, who broke the A-grade boys’ 200m freestyle record with a time of 1:54.04.

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Fong Ka-yu from Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School set a new record in the A grade boys’ 50m backstroke with a team of 29.57.

Meanwhile, Marcus Mok Kai-tik from La Salle College broke the boys’ 200m breaststroke record with a time of 2:16.34 as well as the 100m backstroke record with a time of 58.01.

Marcus’ teammate Michael Ng Yu-hin went on to break the 100m breaststroke record with a time of 1:05:07.

With so many records being broken this year, it is possible we will soon see Hong Kong’s next big global swimming star emerge from the water.

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

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A record-breaking year for HK’s top teen swimmers


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