Hong Kong snooker star Ng On-yee lifts third world title

Hong Kong snooker star Ng On-yee lifts third world title


Hong Kong’s Ng On-yee on way to winning.
Photo: World Ladies Billiard and ASnooker

Hong Kong’s snooker star Ng On-yee won a third world title in a month after lifting the women’s 10 Reds World Championship singles title in Leeds, England on April 10. She defeated England’s Laura Evans in the final.

Winning her third world title wasn’t easy because of the tight tournament schedule. “After playing snooker at three events, I started to feel tired. My movement was not stable during the 10 Reds games so I needed to take a rest. However, I’m going to India tomorrow to take part in the inaugural Ladies Asian Snooker Championships this week,” said Ng, 26.

“I was nervous during the 10 Reds tournament as it was my first time playing snooker with only 10 red balls,” Ng said, adding: “It took me a while to adapt to this ‘new game’.”

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On April 8, she scooped the women’s Six Reds World Championship singles title. Ng trailed Rebecca Kenna 0-2 in the semi-finals, but she stepped up, regained her rhythm and won 3-2 in a stunning comeback. Ng maintained her momentum in the final and was crowned champion. This title came after winning the 2017 Eden World Women’s Snooker Championship in Singapore in March.

“The six reds snooker tournament was also very different in terms of rules and rhythm. As there were only six red balls, my scores were always going head-to-head with the opponents’,” Ng said.

Ng’s latest victory showed she had the ability to bounce back quickly – she was defeated by England’s Nigel Bond in the first round qualifier of the men’s championship in Sheffield a week earlier.

“I need to get mentally ready for the next tournament in India. I hope everyone keeps supporting me,” Ng said.

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