LIVE: All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Football Tournament play-by-play - YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School vs. Canadian International School

LIVE: All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Football Tournament play-by-play - YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School vs. Canadian International School


Congratulations to Canadian International School!
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP


YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School team are emotional about their defeat.
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP


YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School (red) vs. Canadian International School of Hong Kong (white)
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP

Young Post is at Po Kong Village Road Park Artificial Turf Pitch in Diamond Hill for the All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Football Tournament. Stay tuned for live play-by-play updates.

YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary school look to continue their winning streak as they take on first-time finalists Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

FINAL MATCH - YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School (red) vs. Canadian International School of Hong Kong (white)

12.34 pm: Award ceremony! And that's all for today. A massive win for the underdogs, and CDNIS is elated to win this competition. One must think that CDNIS Coach Watt's prematch pep talk was a huge factor in this victory. Well played to both sides today. The fans were in their full support and colours. We hope you enjoyed YP's coverage of the All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Football Tournament today!

12.25 pm: It's chaos right now as everyone circles the players and coaches. The fans are running on wave after wave to congratulate their brave players. They gave it their all.

It is so emotional right now. One half elated, the other completely stunned.
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP

12.24 pm: The YCH boys are down on the ground in despair. They were so close.

12.22 pm: This is it for CDNIS. If they score, they win. IT'S A GOAL! HE RUNS TO HIS TEAMMATES. They embrace and chase each other around the pitch. Wow.

12.21 pm: YCH steps up. MISSED!

12.21 pm: Sudden death!

12.20 pm: CDNIS penalty...this is the one. Goal! Cool as ice. Slotted into the corner.

12.20 pm: The goalkeeper called it but the shot was too powerful. The scorer shouts in delight.

12.19 pm: YCH captain steps up. He takes his time placing the ball. Goal! Right down the middle.

Here we go!
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP

12.19 pm: CDNIS penalty. Goal! Wonderfully converted under immense pressure

12.18 pm: YCH penalty. Long run up. Goal! Another peach. Another groan in anger from the goalkeeper.

12.17 pm: CDNIS's captain steps up. Goal! He points to the stands. 3-3 so far.

12.17 pm: YCH penalty. Goal! Right through the middle. Goalkeeper will be unhappy with that one.

12.16 pm: CDNIS second penalty. Goal! Confidently send the keeper the other way. These have been textbook penalties so far.

12.16 pm: YCH second penalty. Goal!

12.15pm: Referee calls for it to be retaken as the goalkeeper stepped forward. Confusion and a warning is given. The retaken penalty is converted into the top corner.

12.14pm: First penalty for CDNIS. Missed! Goalkeeper gets a great hand to it on his left side

12.14pm: First penalty for YCH. Goal! He sends the goalkeeper the wrong way.

12.14pm: The goalkeepers make their walk and the referee directs them of the rules. No stepping forward before the kick is taken or cards will be given.

12.12 am: The Canadians surround the centre circle for a team talk. They have played their hearts out today. YCH hype themselves up as we go to penalties!

Penalty shot!
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP

12.11 am: FULL TIME - YCH 0-0 CDNIS

69 mins in: Crosses fly in desperation as the match nears its end.

65 mins in: Another player goes down, this time it's CDNIS wall Dan Healy after a class in the air. Play resumes shorty after.

64 mins in: CHANCE! YCH's Chu Wai-kwan, the main creator of chances in this half, dinks the ball into a dangerous position. Nobody latches onto it.

63 mins in: CORNER! The big Canadian defence charge up for the corner. Header is handled by the goalkeeper Wong.

12.04 pm: We're closing in on the final few minutes of normal time. Will there be a goal or will the match be decided with penalties?

12.03 pm: Water break for both teams as a YCH player goes off injured. Seems to be a touch of cramp.

61 mins in: Goalkeeper Healy gets a good hand to a looping cross. He's having a blinder today.

60 mins in: Good defending from CDNIS's fresh substitute at full back. Obviously brought on to counter the tricky YCH winger.

59 mins in: Wonderful hold up abilities from CDNIS's Kaiser. He wins the foul and gives his teammates a breather.

57 mins in: Wave after wave of YCH attacks. CDNIS look calm but they must remain disciplined at the back.

56 mins in: CORNER! Short corner taken and to great effect! YCH's number 10 takes a super shot at the edge of the penalty area. Another chance for the reds.

YCH subs are warming up as the coach sees an opportunity to stretch the Canadian defence even more. Even they can't keep their eyes off the match!
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP

54 mins in: Beautiful football from YCH. The attacking trio are playing tiki taka football at the edge of their opponent's box.

52 mins in: CHANCE! Biggest chance of the game! Free kick whipped in for Chu at the near post. He delicately flicks it on with his back heel, a bit like Zlatan. Keeper parries it out of harm's way. Corner kick.

51 mins in: FOUL! Referee gives the Canadian defender a talking to. Free kick. Fans going crazy here!

50 mins in: CHANCE! Shot from YCH's Chu Wai-kwan across the Canadian goal. Comfortable save from the goalkeeper.

49 mins in: CHANCE! What a great game this is turning out to be. YCH's Yuen Sai-kit side steps his way into the box and releases. Shot is blocked and cleared. End to end stuff!

47 mins in: FREE KICK! The Canadians are feeding on their opponent's sudden panic and win a free kick. Shot is on target but saved by goalkeeper Wong.

46 mins in: CHANCE! The momentum has swung right around! CDNIS's captain Mark Kaiser get his laces right through a powerful shot on goal. Goal coming up?

44 mins in: CHANCE! CDNIS's winger William Lindfors just misses out on latching onto a sweet through ball. Goalkeeper picks it up.

43 mins in: Corner to YCH. Canadian goalkeeper is organising his back four. Very effective communication.

42 mins in: There is definitely more tension in the air for this second half. YCH head coach Cristiano Cordeiro is barking his orders as his team continues to expose the wide areas.

39 mins in: Cheung Yiu-yeung of YCH makes a good run and wins a corner. Inswinging corner is met by a strong hand from CDNIS goalkeeper Healy.

38 mins in: Corner to the Canadians. Ball played into the box but nothing comes of it.

37 mins in: More of the same so far - YCH retaining possession but find it difficult to penetrate the CDNIS midfield.

11.31am: SECOND HALF! CDNIS kick is off for the second half of our final. Let's see how it pans out.

Timba, the Canadian International School of Hong Kong mascot.
Photo: Andrew McNicol/SCMP

11.27am: CDNIS's mascot Timba provides the half time entertainment!

11.26am: It's a goalless draw at the half time mark but there have been plenty of chances for the coaches to think about. It's clear that YCH have superior possession and are playing a passing game, while CDNIS are playing on the counter and winning the midfield. 

11.23 am: 35 HALF TIME - YCH 0-0 CDNIS

34 mins in: YELLOW CARD! YCH midfielder is penalised for a cheeky tackle near the centre circle. Crowd goes wild.

34 mins in: CDNIS coach Justin Watt calls for his side to push up.

33 mins in: The YCH coaching staff have turned up the volume as they see an opportunity to knick a goal before half time (35 minutes halves in today's final)

30 mins in: CHANCE! YCH full back storms up the right side and drills a shot low towards the goalkeeper's near post. Just off target, great effort!

28 mins in: FOUL! The referee blows for a foul to CDNIS. Goalkeeper Healy aims for the long ball but it can't get past the congested midfield.

27 mins in: YCH with control of possession but unable to produce an end product. The Canadian fans are screaming in support of their players.

25 mins in: Interesting to note that CDNIS goalkeeper Dan Healy hasn't had too much to do as most shots have been off target.

24 mins in: Canadian talisman Mark Kaiser is beaten just outside the box as YCH get another shot away. Off target but perhaps a sign of things to come.

22 mins in: CHANCE! Chaos in the YCH penalty area as they are unable to clear the high ball. Goalkeeper Wong is beaten to it by the towering Canadian attackers. Ball is headed just to the side of the goal. Close one!

20 mins in: Good spell for the YCH  ends with a shot straight at the keeper. Very promising action from the wide men.

17 mins in: Controversial moment as YCH goalkeeper Wong Tsz-ho forcefully nudges an opponent outside the area. No foul given.

15 mins in: Corner for CDNIS is headed away at the near post.

14 mins in: CHANCE! Yuen Sai-kit of YCH has the best opportunity so far as his volley whispers over the bar!

13 mins in: FOUL! YCH's captain is taken down in midfield. Play resumes.

12 mins in: YCH try to pierce their opponent's defence with a long ball through the top. The Canadians comfortably clear the call. Very exciting so far!

8 mins in: YCH are relieving the pressure, passing it around the back with ease.

6 mins in: First shot on target from the boys in white and the stadium erupts! That will do wonders for their confidence.

5 mins in: The Canadians finally snatch on a loose pass and enter the final third for the first time

10.47am: KICK OFF! YCH are pushing forward through their tricky wingers. Meanwhile, CDNIS look a bit nervous as tackles fly in.


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