HK Squash star Ho Ka-wing praises Japanese opponent Satomi Watanabe

HK Squash star Ho Ka-wing praises Japanese opponent Satomi Watanabe

Local squash star admits she needs to improve her tactics

For local squash player Ho Ka-wing, the Head Hong Kong Junior Squash Open 2016 final against Japan’s Satomi Watanabe proved to be one of her toughest matches to date.

“Satomi dominated the whole match because she hit many fast shots. She could also run very fast and made use of the whole court brilliantly,” said Ka-wing, 17.

“It was not the first time I’ve had to battle against international squash stars like her but I still need to improve my tactical skills to catch up with them.”

Japanese squash stars defeat HK rivals

Ka-wing admitted that the final felt like a personal setback as she did not win a single set, but added that her goal in the first place was to gain more experience.

“It was a huge lesson. It showed that I need to improve my decision-making skills. It would have been a different story if I had adjusted my game plan, but I missed many chances in the gruelling encounter with Satomi.”

Ka-wing said she is expecting to face Satomi again at the 2016 WSF World Junior Squash Championships in Poland. Ka-wing said she hopes to increase her speed before she faces the Japanese star again.

“I believe Satomi will use the same tactics again – she will hit the ball very fast and make me run a lot. It’s crucial [for me] to devise some counter-attacking strategies, such as varying my pace or hitting low-bouncing balls,” said Ka-wing.

Bench notes:

Who is your favourite athlete?
Malaysian squash star Nicol David. As an all-round player, she is technically and mentally strong, and she gives it her all in every match. I have a lot to learn from her – especially her patience and counter-attacking strategies.

What music do you listen to while training?
Jay Fung’s Keep on, Fight on, which reminds me to persevere during matches or training.

If you could have any superpower for 24 hours, what would you choose and how would you use it?
Unlimited power. Then I would be able to perform at my best in all competitions.

What drink would you never give up?
Mango juice, because it gives me a lot of energy.

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Final loss a 'good lesson' for Ka-wing


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