Woman asks the internet for tattoo advice and ends up talking to NBA star Jeremy Lin

Woman asks the internet for tattoo advice and ends up talking to NBA star Jeremy Lin

The lesson here is clear: if you’re going to get a tattoo, do your research; don’t just ask netizens for translations


It’s no surprise that Jeremy Lin could make a pretty good copy of Holland Christensen’s tattoo ... after all, he should be able to write his own name.


Jeremy had a little fun with Holland.

Lots of people get embarrassing tattoos, but not many of them are lucky enough to get an NBA superstar to comment on them. Holland Christensen decided she wanted a Chinese phrase tattooed on her body, so she asked someone on the internet for help with the translation. But after getting the tattoo, she discovered that it was actually the characters to spell Jeremy Lin.

“So my tattoo is a name of a basketball player ... are you kidding me? I was so embarrassed – why would I do something like this?” she asks in a YouTube video. “There was a series of mistakes that led to this fail. My first mistake was: I asked for the translation from someone on the internet. Obviously you don’t do that ... you don’t ask anyone on the internet for anything.”

When she realised she now had Lin’s name on her body for life, she decided to learn everything she could about him. She had never heard of him before, but quickly became his “biggest fan”.

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“My first thought was he’s really attractive, so there’s that,” she said before going to reddit.com‘s NBA forum looking for someone to accompany her to her first Charlotte Hornets game.

After the story hit Reddit’s front page, Lin posted on the site saying “Saw this tattoo online and copied it, anyone know what it means?”

Later he tweeted: “What do you think of my new tattoo @hollyisyourstar?” as he posted a picture of himself with his own name inked on his ankle.

Christensen and Lin then had a brief conversation in the reddit comments.

“You just made my day, Jeremy, thank you for responding. I hope I get to meet you next and we can compare your Sharpie tattoo to my real one,” said Christensen.

Lin replied: “In all seriousness, thank you for your support and for sharing your story. Glad you were able to turn a mistake into something positive! Feel free to keep me posted if you come to a play-off game.”

YP thinks he should’ve offered her a free ticket.

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That tattoo is Lin-sane!


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