Ice hockey dreams on hold at Taft School - so always have a Plan B

Ice hockey dreams on hold at Taft School - so always have a Plan B

I am really glad I picked Taft to be my new school, and home, while I'm away from Hong Kong. 

But it's always important to have an alternative plan when you make a big change in your life, or try something new.

I was so excited at the beginning of the school year to finally be selected as the goalie on The Taft School Varsity Girls' Ice Hockey Team. However, even in my worst nightmares, I would never have anticipated what then happened. 

In the first week of the autumn sports season, I injured my left knee playing goalie for the soccer team. 

So now I won't be playing ice hockey for a while.

But we athletes cannot rely exclusively on our sports to take us where we want to go, in school or at university. And all of us must have other strings to our bows - perhaps a musical or artistic talent, a community project, or, better yet, excellent academic marks. 

Yes, it is important for athletes to take care of their bodies, to stay fit, eat well and rest. But they must always remember, there is the possibility for a freak accident when you least expect it.

So, in the light of my mishap, I suggest you make sure you have an alternative, a Plan B.

Fortunately, I am really into my music - if I didn't play so much ice hockey, I'd try to become a singer-songwriter. My next biggest passion is my art, and I also love to work back stage in the theatre.

Of course, I have always kept my marks in the high 80s and low 90s. And I love supporting and cheering on Taft's girl's ice hockey team from the sidelines, in my new role as team manager.

So, my advice is to talk to your parents, your teachers and your coaches about your activities, interests and sports. 

With them, you can work out not only a plan A, but also a plan B, for your activities. 

Together you can decide on some theatrical, musical or community interests to pursue alongside your sports career.

In other words, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."


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