I'm off to Taft School, home of the oldest varsity girls' ice hockey team

I'm off to Taft School, home of the oldest varsity girls' ice hockey team

Good morning, Hong Kong. I am back in this wonderful city after a seven-week trip to North America. It was an amazing, fun experience in the United States and Canada this summer. But it was also a long, hard struggle.

When I was not travelling or playing ice hockey, I visited several New England high schools. Yes, it is true. I am leaving Hong Kong next month to go to boarding school in the US. 

I will be attending The Taft School in Connecticut, where I will also be playing goalie with the school ice hockey team.

We all love it in Hong Kong, but this is a golden opportunity for me to improve my ice hockey skills.

The Taft team plays in the New England Founders League High School Division I. It was set up 30 years ago and is the oldest varsity girls' ice hockey team in North America.

I will be able to play every day after school, including games on Wednesdays and weekends. And, I will finally be able to take a leisurely, five-minute stroll - not drive, take the MTR or even fly - to anice hockey rink for the first time in my life. Yes, the rink is on the school campus which makes things so much easier.

I'm nervous and excited at the same time. It will be like stepping out on stage for the first time after you have been practising a dance or singing routine for the past six months. I have butterflies, but there is a saying: "You never know what you can do until you try."

I wish you luck in whatever activity you participate during your new school year.

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Taft School in US offers a golden opportunity


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