Adjusting to high-speed ice hockey in the United States

Adjusting to high-speed ice hockey in the United States

Hey readers! Its me again, Hong Kongs only female left-handed ice hockey goalie, Zulia. 

I hope you enjoyed last weeks peek into my life, because here is another update as to what's going on in the United States. 

As you might have already read, I just spent a week at the Digit Murphy Ice Hockey School for girls in Chicago. 

It was the first time I had played with girls my own age in about five years. It was a great shock. 

The girls skate faster, play harder, and have some amazing stick-handling skills. They do not shoot as hard though, which is a relief. I had to alter my goal-keeping style to suit their type of play, but at least I now know I am not too far behind where I should be to play with these girls. 

I had trouble at first with the speed, but I adjusted quickly. By the second and third day, I was intensely involved in the games and practice sessions without looking out of place. 

I had a lot of fun, and hope to return next year to work with Digit Murphy again. I would really like to coach the younger goalies at future clinics.

After my stint in Chicago, I flew to Boston, and then my father and I drove for four hours to Stowe, in Vermont. I am now about to head off for my next week-long goalie clinic. 

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Adjusting to high-speed hockey in the United States


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