Merit: Green living is more than just protecting the environment

Merit: Green living is more than just protecting the environment

As we experience more and more environmental issues globally, many of us have started pursuing the concept of green living in Hong Kong.

On July 7th, 52 student participants of the Sino Junior Reporter programme visited the Sino Skyline Tower and Sing Yin Secondary School, and learnt about how the organizations promote green living in their workplace.

Sino Skyline Tower has proven that even though Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, it does not mean that there are no place left for greening. In the Skyline Tower, there is a hidden gem on the rooftop with a tiny garden, yet containing different plants and crops, alongside an outdoor recreational area.

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The company works in collaboration with Hong Chi Association, engaging the underprivileged in the society to plant in the garden. Tenants of the building can also grow their own plants in the garden. In addition, all the proceeds of the crops will go back to supporting the Association to support the needy. The project is one of the Sino Land Company’s corporate social responsibilities. As of date, the crops sold have accounted for over a million dollars of revenue. 

A delicate garden at the corner of Sing Yin Secondary School campus, which is taken care of by the students.

“It’s not just about promoting green living, we are also connecting other dots.” said Mr. Sunny Yeung Kwong, Executive Director of Sino Land Company.

As an environmentally friendly person himself, Yeung has been contributing to the sustainability of the environment in his own ways. “I have a printer behind me in my work station. If you open the tray, you only find recycled paper there,” he said.

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Meanwhile, green living does not only happen in Sino’s buildings, but also in schools.

Sing Yin Secondary School has been awarded the ‘Greenest School Award on Earth’ in 2013. Other than some green policies, the school also boasts of its renewable energy generating facilities, including solar panels and wind turbines, which are connected to computers to enable energy management. The set of equipment generates 46,222 kWh energy per year on average. Other environmental features include shading devices, Low-E glass and gardens in the school campus.

Having these facilities and policies is not just for greening the school, but also for offering life education for students.

Last year's champion of the Sino Junior Reporter Programme

“The number one goal of our school is to appreciate all living things in our nature, and also our life,” said Mr. Wong Chi-Keung, Principal of Sing Yin Secondary School.

Even with all the extra work and regulations, Mr Wong feels it’s worth the effort as he gains support from parents also. “Parents’ attitude to our environmental education is positive.”

Green living in Hong Kong is achievable. Yet, as Yeung said “we all will have to work together.”


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