Why one CityU student thinks you should study abroad in Barcelona

Why one CityU student thinks you should study abroad in Barcelona

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The people of Barcelona love their football – and so do I!
Photo: Hui Yi-ting


An exchange programme at Esade opened one student's eyes to the rich cultural tapestry that is our world.
Photo: Hui Yi-ting

I am hugely grateful to CityU for giving me the opportunity to go to Barcelona, Spain, for an exchange programme with Escola Superior d’Administració i Direcció d’Empreses (Esade) Business School. I got a chance to call Barcelona my home – if only temporarily. This is something I’ve dreamed about doing for years, because I’m a huge football fan – and Barcelona is known for being a city that loves the sport.

That’s not all, though; Barcelona is also known for its sunny, beautiful beaches, glorious galleries, and the work of famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

He had a hand in creating amazing buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Batlló.

Imagine starting day eating by chocolate churros and drinking coffee, before heading out to enjoy tapas in a local bar, and then finishing off your evening with paella – all the while feeling a beautiful breeze coming in from the sea. Sounds like a perfect day, right? Well, that’s every day in Barcelona!

There's room to grow with CityU

Studying at Esade was amazing; I was in a multicultural environment that encouraged a rich range of thoughts and opinions.

My course made me look at social and ethnic differences across cultures in a more mature way than I had before, which improved my cross-cultural communication skills.

I also took the chance to travel through Europe during my exchange. I went to Belgium, France, Germany and Britain. I learned a lot during my journey. I stayed in hostels, where I made lots of new friends and tried out lots of different languages. I even visited the European Parliament in Brussels, and Jewish memorials in Berlin, Germany.

Barcelona is a wonderful place for those who wish to study abroad. I felt fully immersed in the local culture, and I learned so much from the people there. At the same time, I improved my attitude towards learning and became more independent; these will help me in my future career development.

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When Barcelona was my 'home'


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