A taste of the business world

A taste of the business world

An internship with an employee benefit consultancy helps a student gain a better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses


Wong Man-ling (right)'s stint at Indigo helped improve her communication skills and become a more well-rounded person.
Photo: CityU

It was an honour to serve an internship with Indigo Global Limited – a Hong Kong-based employee benefit consultancy – where I could explore the real business world.

I had to perform tasks assigned by my supervisor. My first task was to study Hong Kong’s mandatory provident fund (MPF) scheme. MPF is a compulsory savings scheme for Hong Kong residents.

I was able to think about my own retirement planning and develop better ideas about my personal financial goals. I learned how to choose funds according to my needs.

I also realised that if I wanted to achieve a better living standard after retirement, it is a good idea to make voluntary contributions to the pension fund. This is in addition to the mandatory contributions from the employer and employee. Why? The accumulated mandatory contributions made by an employee only cover the basic needs, and don’t fund a better living standard after retirement.

What’s more, I liked working for Indigo because it gave me an opportunity to mingle with non-locals in a relatively relaxed environment. This helped me improve my communication skills and become a more well-rounded person.

“Remember to be confident when you present yourself!” my boss reminded me when I finished my internship. The internship helped me get a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Both my boss and supervisor asked me to face up to my weak points bravely and to equip myself for the future. “It is better if you hit a snag during an internship because you still have time to improve before you start working for real,” they said.

Fortunately, I have had such an opportunity.

Edited by M. J. Premaratne


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