Studying chemistry is a key to the future

Studying chemistry is a key to the future

As students, many of you are probably getting ready to apply for university. Apart from finding out what the entry requirements are, I hope you have a good understanding of what subjects you want to study. This is very important. It could bring you rewards you never expected in the four years of your university life and your future career.

I believe many of you are no strangers to chemistry. It has become a more popular subject under the New Senior Secondary curriculum. If you are interested in taking chemistry at university or a similar level, or aspire to become a chemist, chemical engineer or another kind of expert in the field, I suggest you ask yourself: what is chemistry as a profession? What are the current hot topics in it?

The most important question might be: why study chemistry? Chemistry is both an ancient and a modern science. In ancient times, scientists searched for eternal youth and magic that turned stone into gold; today, chemistry has developed into a profession of its own. It not only allows us to solve the mysteries of the universe and teaches us the rules about elements, it also helps us to design and produce compounds that do amazing things, and to create new drugs and useful materials.

Chemistry today has become a key to how society moves forward. By using it, we discover new energy sources, solve pollution problems, and develop new electronic products.

If you are considering chemistry as your field of study, think about the above questions. Once you start asking yourself what your subject can do for the world and how you can take part, and once you develop your curiosity and are eager to ask "why", you will begin to explore and discover.

This certainly will help you find your career path and travel smoothly along that road.

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Chemistry is the future


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