Now the sky's the limit with Twitter direct messaging

Now the sky's the limit with Twitter direct messaging


Twitter lets fly a new Direct Message policy. Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

The days of struggling to cut down your direct messages on Twitter to 140 characters is over, confirmed by an announcement from the company today.

While your tweets will still need to stay at 140-character limit, you can now chat to your heart's content - or at least until your fingers give out. Direct messaging lets users hold private conversations separate from their public tweets.

Doing away with the character limit on Direct Messages is the latest in a series of changes the company has made over the past few months. The first changes allowed users to recieve Direct Messages from anyone, and to also be able to set up group messages. 

So type away with Direct Messages, write your next novel and enjoy using correct grammar and punctuation - but for tweets you'll still have to stick to emojis :)


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