Lady thriller

Lady thriller

Chris Lau talks to sultry singer Russian Red about living in Los Angeles, and just who the men in her new album are

If you've checked out Russian Red's latest album Agent Cooper, you're probably asking yourself one question: who are Michael P, Casper, and Alex T?

"Some of them are real people," says Lourdes Hernandez of the 10 men's names that make up the track titles on her album.

"I mean, they are all real people. Some of them are people I have met, and some, for example, are poets," Hernandez tells Young Post.

A mix of ballads and mid-tempo tracks , Agent Cooper is the Spaniard's third studio album. It features songs inspired by real events, as well as influential male friends and role models. She says the album is a sound quest, as much as it is a love quest. When probed further, she admits the album is mainly about transitions.

Hernandez, whose stage name is inspired by her favourite lipstick colour, shot to fame in Spain in 2008 with her debut album I Love Your Glass. She quickly became one of the most prominent indie artists in her homeland. Worldwide success ensued with her second album Fuerteventura, which was released three years later.

Knowing she was ready to work on a third album prompted a massive life change: the singer moved to the American city of Los Angeles.

"For me, moving to LA was a very meaningful step in my life," says Hernandez. "What I wanted was to make a great music project to send home."

Hernandez says the move had a big impact on her, both musically and personally. For example, despite having spent time on the road while touring, this was the first time she had not lived in Madrid.

Initially, the idea was daunting.

She says: "This is what I call 'the transition', trying to figure out [where] I call home."

The experience made her more independent and patient, which she believes are both vital qualities to help her grow as a person and a musician.

But she also noted a transition in her musical style. On Agent Cooper, the singer has shifted from her acoustic sound to one that boasts a more electric texture.

To do that, Hernandez teamed up with A-list sound engineers Joe Chiccarelli and Emily Lazzar, who have worked with The Killers, Bloc Party and David Bowie.

"I was experimenting more with my electric guitar and that's what came out," says Hernandez.

She explains that basing each song on a different man helped them seem more authentic.

So what's next?

Taking her new music on the road, of course. The singer recently embarked on a world tour, which kicked off last week in Spanish-speaking Mexico. Then she will return to Europe before heading to Hong Kong in June.

"Last time, I managed to stay 10 days in Hong Kong, meeting all these creative people," says Hernandez, who played here in 2012.

"I really look forward to coming back, and having that wonderful experience with the crowd again."

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Lady thriller


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