WhatsApp limits how many times you can forward a message to fight 'fake news'

WhatsApp limits how many times you can forward a message to fight 'fake news'

Facebook-owned mobile messaging platform WhatsApp announced Monday it was restricting how many times any given message can be forwarded in an effort to boost privacy and security.

In July, WhatsApp rolled out safeguards in India that included limiting the number of users to whom a message can be forwarded. It also ran newspaper ads to raise awareness about fake news.

That decision followed threats by the Indian government to take action after crazed mobs butchered more than 20 people who were accused of child kidnapping and other crimes in viral, widely-circulated WhatsApp messages.

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WhatsApp said its latest move to extend the restrictions to all users came after a six-month review of user feedback.

“The forward limit significantly reduced forwarded messages around the world,” read a company statement about a test run of the forwarding limit.

“Starting today, all users on the latest versions of WhatsApp can now forward to only five chats at once, which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts.”

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Previously, users could forward any given message up to 20 times on the app.

“We’ll continue to listen to user feedback about their experience, and over time, look for new ways of addressing viral content,” the WhatsApp statement read.

Founded in 2009 and purchased by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp said that in early 2018 it had more than 1.5 billion users who exchanged 65 billion messages per day.

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WhatsApp limits message forwarding to fight 'fake news'


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Andrea Anderson


In this digital world people they are using all social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, instagram and twitter to share their thoughts, messages, news, and etc. But some people are misusing this platform to spread fake messages. Recently lots of fake news are forwarded by whatsapp. So that why people are reduced to use some of the social media platforms. Now a days the messages are genuine also but peoples are not believing. It's good to know that whatsapp have reduced the limit to sending the forward messages and it will help people to use their favorite social media platform in a happy way.