America’s Got Talent trapeze fall is not the reality TV show’s first accident

America’s Got Talent trapeze fall is not the reality TV show’s first accident

Luckily, no one was harmed in the mishap on Tuesday


Acrobatics Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen were performing a trapeze routine when the incident happened.
Photo: YouTube

A trapeze act didn’t quite go as planned on US TV show America’s Got Talent, but don’t panic; no one was hurt.

Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen, an acrobatic married couple who make up Duo Transcend, performed a series of daring trapeze tricks involving fire and blindfolds on Tuesday’s episode of the show. But at the end of their act, Wolfe-Nielsen slipped and landed with a thud on the stage.

The camera cut to shocked judges and audience members, but Wolfe-Nielsen quickly got up from what looked like a thick mat, and waved and smiled to indicate that she was fine. She then asked the judges if she and Nielson could try the trick again.

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“This isn’t ‘America’s Got Perfection’; it’s called America’s Got Talent,” said guest judge Ken Jeong. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“I don’t think there’s ever been a singer on any of our competitions who’s been note-perfect. It still doesn’t make them not amazing. It makes them human,” judge Simon Cowell added. “The consequences on this are slightly worse than slightly falling off key, where you nearly broke your neck.”

Then, to Nielsen, Cowell said, “and the fact that you’re legally blind makes this incredible.”

Nielsen has Keratoconus, a disorder in which the clear outer layer of the eyes becomes thin and change shape, making a person’s vision distorted.

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The judges then voted to send Duo Transcend to the next round of competition.

It isn’t the first mishap to occur on the show. In 2016, stunt performer AmberLynn Walker accidentally shot a flaming arrow at her partner Ryan Stock’s throat. Luckily, Stock wasn’t seriously injured.

In 2015, magician Tran Tan Phat accidentally swallowed acid on Vietnam’s Got Talent after he misidentified the dangerous substance. He had to be taken to the hospital with burns to his lips and tongue.

And in 2011, performer Primitivo Montoya fell off stage after attempting a cartwheel.

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