Prince Harry finds out whether Barack Obama prefers Suits or The Good Wife in quickfire question round

Prince Harry finds out whether Barack Obama prefers Suits or The Good Wife in quickfire question round

Also, whether the former US president is boxers or briefs man


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Photo: AFP Photo/ Kensington Palace / The Obama Foundation

Prince Harry recently quizzed former US president Barack Obama on life after leaving office and made time for a quickfire round of questions at the end:

Harry: White House Down or Olympus Has Fallen?

Obama: Didn’t see either of them.

Harry: You have to make a choice.

Obama: I didn’t see either, how can I make a choice?

Harry: White House Down.

Obama: Ok, I’ll take your word for it.

Harry: What do you miss most, the cinema or the bowling alley?

Obama: Cinema – we call it a movie theatre but that’s fine.

Harry: Boxers or briefs?

Obama: Sorry – we don’t answer those questions.

Harry: Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

Obama: Jordan – although I love Lebron - but I’m a Chicago guy.

Harry: Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner?

Obama: Aretha is the best.

Harry: Rachel or Monica?

Obama: I like Rachel.

Harry: Kim or Khloe.

Obama: This one I have to defer on.

Harry: Ok, Harry or William?

Obama: William right now.

Harry: Titanic or The Bodyguard?

Obama: Titanic.

Harry: Suits or The Good Wife?

Obama: Suits, obviously.

Harry: Great. Great answer.

Harry: Cigarettes or gum?

Obama: Gum, now, baby.

Harry: White House or Buckingham Palace?

Obama: White House just because Buckingham Palace looks like it would take a really long time to mow. Lot of upkeep.

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Harry: Queen or The Queen?

Obama: The Queen.

Harry: The Rock or Chris Rock?

Obama: That’s an interesting question. I like them both.

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Harry: Slip N Slide or Electric Slide?

Obama: Electric Slide, that’s my generation.

Harry: Your last five dollars. Buy a burger or buy a lottery ticket?

Obama: Depends on how the good the burger is. But I like a good burger. 


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