Taylor Swift announces new album, Reputation, on Instagram and Twitter and the world goes crazy

Taylor Swift announces new album, Reputation, on Instagram and Twitter and the world goes crazy

The singer released a series of images after wiping her social media accounts on Friday


Surprise! Yup, I'm back!
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So the fans and conspiracy theorists were right: the social media and website total eclipse” were all part of Taylor Swift’s master plan to announce a new album.

The pop star whipped her army of Swifties into a frenzy on Monday with the first of three video snippets showing slithery snake parts on Instagram. The posts got more frequent, and included the title of her new album, Reputation, which she announced will be out on November 10. *sets phone alarm*

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The first single, she said, will drop Thursday night - we assume US time, which means Friday morning in Hong Kong. She threw in the album’s cover art for good measure: a black-and-white photo of herself - head and shoulders, in slouchy sweater, hair swept back - against a backdrop of newsprint reading, simply “Taylor Swift” over and over again.
Swift, who is followed by millions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, wiped her feeds clean Friday and replaced the black void on Monday with the first reptilian video. The subsequent pair each offered just a tad more of a snake, from tail to squirmy middle and finally its beady red eyes and ominous fangs lunging briefly at the camera. The teasers put fans on high alert, and the snake imagery evoked snake emojis used against her in various dis-fests last year, including one with Kim Kardashian West after West claimed Swift knew about hubby Kanye’s reference to Swift in his song Famous.

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The album would be Swift’s sixth studio effort and the first since the 2014 release of 1989, which is the last time she teased fans online, that round with mysterious Polaroid photographs. She scrubbed her feeds on Friday of everything from profile pictures to accounts she follows. It was three years to the date from when she dropped the song Shake It Off and announced 1989 - and just a few days after her courtroom assault trial victory against a former radio DJ.

Word of a new album lifted Swift to a top trending topic around the world Wednesday on Twitter ahead of Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, to be hosted by Katy Perry, a former friend.



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