From Totoro to Spirited Away - 19 attractions we want at Japan's Studio Ghibli theme park

From Totoro to Spirited Away - 19 attractions we want at Japan's Studio Ghibli theme park

For now, the park will focus on My Neighbour Totoro, but one can hope!


OMG, we're excited too!
Photo: Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli aanounced it will open a theme park at the Aichi Expo Park near Nagoya, capital of Aichi Prefecture, in Japan. According to Forbes, the park will be based on the world in My Neighbour Totoro, and will be built in a way that won't disturb the natural habitat and wildlife. Fans of Studio Ghibli across the world are psyched about the theme park, projected to open in 2020, and Young Post is no different. Right now, there are no plans to expand beyond the world of Totoro, but if it did, here's what we'd like to see in the park:

1. The robots from Castle in the Sky

One of the robots on the magical island of Laputa currently resides at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, but it should definitely be at the theme park. It would make a great addition to the park, and maybe it can be modified into an actual moving robot? We just want it to be there!

2. The Zeppelin from Laputa

The pirates from Laputa, who at first tried to capture Princess Sheeta for her flying stone but eventually became friends with her, is an integral part of the animation. Besides, who wouldn’t want a jumbo flying pirate ship? This is a ride that's an oldie but a goodie.

3. The glowing cave from Laputa

Last one from Castle in the Sky, we promise! How cool would a glowing cave be? It would be perfect as one of the restaurants in the park.

4. A Totoro Cat Bus-monorail

What can be better than bringing visitors through the universe of My Neighbour Totoro than on the iconic cat bus? It'd be the cosiest ride through a theme park ever. Another plus is that monorails run on electricity, which is pretty environmentally friendly. See? It’s a great idea!

5. The flying Castle from Castle in the Sky

Okay, sorry, we lied. One more! Who needs the Sleeping Beauty castle when we can have a mobile, floating castle sitting atop the magical island of Laputa? 

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

The rickety walking castle from Howl’s Moving Castle would make quite an addition. It probably won't actually walk, but maybe it could be a super wobbly obstacle course.

7. The bakery from KiKi’s Delivery Service

How great would it be to be able to buy freshly baked snacks? Of course, we'd need Kiki and her beloved black cat Jiji at the till.

8. The violin workshop from Whisper of the Heart

A Japanese adaptation of the song Country Roads by John Denver was performed on a violin by Seiji Amasawa when he met Shizuku Tsukishima in his violin workshop. It'd be so romantic to be able to visit this violin workshop where this couple first met!

9. A life-sized Ohmu from Nausicaä of Valley of the Wind

The docile giant insect is so important in Valley of the Wind, and it'd be adorable to see some wandering around the park.

10. Nausicaä’s garden

In the animation, Nausicaä has a keen green thumb. The addition of this garden, or maybe a greenhouse, could be calming, and a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation. Again, that would work well with the park's intention to preserve the natural side of Aichi Expo Park.

11. An Ponyo-theme aquarium

It would be amazing! The aquarium could educate visitors on marine life protection, and the little mermaid princess Ponyo could be its ambassador.

12. An life-size dragon from the Tales of the Earthsea

They're dragons. Why do we need a reason for dragons?

13. The From Up on the Poppy Hill's town

Just like Disneyland has Main Street, the Ghibli theme park deserves its own main street. 

14. The restaurants from Spirited Away

Any theme park that's a full-day trip requires places to eat so visitors can recharge. The streets lined with restaurants in Spirited Away are just so convenient and charming; but it'd be good if we don't get turn into pigs like Chihiro’s parents.  

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15. The bathhouse from Spirited Away

Instead of just a bathhouse, maybe it could be an on-site hotel, or maybe a spa! We don't need Chihiro Ogino to be on staff (pretty sure there are child labour laws against that) but they could make an actual No-Face you can eat with at a buffet attached to the bathhouse.

16. Granny Yubaba's office from Spirited Away

Have you ever seen a more decadent office space? Maybe it can be a gift shop.

17. A simulation ride of The Secret World of Arrietty

In the animation, Arrietty is a tiny human living among normal-sized humans, which is just begging to be turned into a ride or walk-through attraction. How fun would it be to pretend to be sneaking through the house of giants?

18. A firefly garden in tribute to the Grave of the Fireflies

Possibly one of the Studio's saddest films, but also the one with the deepest message. A firefly garden to remind visitors of the futility and tragedy of war might be just what the world needs.

19. A Porco Rosso air show 

Disneyland has its parade and fireworks, so why can't the Ghibli theme park have an air show as each day's grand finale?

What can beat a pig leading an air show to end the day at the Ghibli theme park?
Photo: Studio Ghibli


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