I’m NOT loving it: here’s the reason why Japan is still waiting for Pokemon Go

I’m NOT loving it: here’s the reason why Japan is still waiting for Pokemon Go

Wannabe Pokemon trainers in Japan might finally have a McDonald’s shaped answer to why the game’s release has been delayed


Japanese players will now have to wait.
Photo: AFP

You would think that Japan, being the place where Pokemon was originally created, would have been one of the first places to get Pokemon Go – and millions of Poke-mad fans there would probably agree with you.

The wildly popular app’s much anticipated release in Japan has been delayed after an email between developers Niantic, the Pokemon Company and McDonald’s was leaked onto Japanese forums. This email created such an intense level of hype online that Niantic were forced to push back Pokemon Go’srelease as they try to prepare their servers for the overwhelming traffic they expect to receive.

The email contains details of a discussion between the three companies in relation to McDonald’s becoming the game’s first paying sponsor. The fast-food chain has 3,000 restaurants in Japan and they plan on turning them all into Pokemon gyms – which means you will be able to order a burger and challenge other people to battles at the same time.

McDonald’s sponsorship is expected to be the first of many deals that companies will make with the game developers as businesses attempt to drive player footfall to their doors.

The decision to push back the release date was made by Niantic in order to avoid the same issues that Australian, US and European players have been having. Pokemon trainers in these countries have reported problems logging in, bugs, and the app crashing or being taken offline entirely (sometimes for hours at a stretch).

Players in Japan should, the company says, have a smoother experience once its server capacity has been bolstered.

When it’s finally released, of course...


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