Brick wall illusion makes #Dressgate debate seem silly

Brick wall illusion makes #Dressgate debate seem silly

The latest visual meme making the rounds of the internet is driving people crazy

Remember Dressgate? Remember how frustrating it was to be told that it was blue and black, when you knew for a fact it was white and gold? Today, the internet is abuzz again with an optical illusion that has people scratching their heads.

What do you see?

The image seems to have first appeared on a British man's Facebook page. 

Arron Bevin wrote: “This is one of the best optical illusions I’ve seen. If you see it, don't spoil it!!!!! Just like n [sic] share!!! Took me a good 5 minutes.”

It's been shared tens of thousands of times already and like with that dress, people's comments vary HUGELY. Even in the YP office, people's reactions have been everything from "Ooh, is it a baby turtle?" to "I see bricks. What?"

What do you see in this photo? Tell us in the comments, then click here to find out what it is. Once you see it, it cannot be unseen!


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