Zika update: virus found in Cuba for the first time

Zika update: virus found in Cuba for the first time


People walk among clouds of insecticide after a fumigating truck moved past in Havana, Cuba.
Photo: Reuters

Cuba announced on Wednesday that it had found the first case of the Zika virus on the island, which had been one of the last nations in the Western Hemisphere free of the disease.

The Ministry of Health said that a 28-year-old Venezuelan arrived in the country on February 21 and a day later came down a high fever and rash. The government says the woman was in quarantine in Artemisa province outside Havana with other newly arrived doctors when her symptoms were found.

Her first test for Zika was negative but a second test on February 28 was positive, health officials said. The woman remains in good condition at Cuba’s main tropical disease hospital in Havana. Her husband and brother-in-law had both come down with Zika in Venezuela recently. The medics who had entered Cuba alongside the sick woman remain in quarantine with no sign of Zika.


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